HOUSE OF ROHL Four different brands. One shared vision.

We believe that unique stories make life special. At House Of Rohl, we strive to uncover traditional crafts that tell unique and rewarding stories. Stories of place and origin. Stories of dedication and passion. Stories of artistry and heritage.




Perrin & Rowe

Like the finest jewelry, Perrin & Rowe faucets and fixtures are characterized by a precise sense of proportion and elegance. We believe that the best way to create the best is to combine cutting-edge innovation with the highest British craftsmanship. By precision engineering, adapting proven techniques and focusing on the finest details, we create brass products that define excellence. Made in England, with our customized approach that includes hand-forming and hand-polishing. Perrin & Rowe's designs blend the present with the past, with contemporary reinterpretations and innovative styles to match any decor. Made in the UK, with durability, quality and integrity in mind.

 P&R PHOENICIAN kran z systemem filtracji wody zimnej i prysznicem bocznym oraz dozownik do płynu TRADITIONAL

P&R PHOENICIAN faucet with cold water filtration system and side shower and TRADITIONAL liquid dispenser.



Hailing from Quebec, the Riobel® brand combines European panache with North American flair to create a confident style with unforced focus and captivating simplicity. Symmetry is the key to thoughtful creations with geometric shapes and architectural angles that are not only artistic choices, but also improve performance. Design and engineering combine perfectly through imagination, innovation and ingenuity. Cutting-edge technology and patented systems are made possible by beautiful design, and vice versa. With award-winning collections that will be as true tomorrow as they are today, and the most advanced technology, Riobel is a luxury made for living.

SHAWS Butler 800 WILD GRASS BLUE zlew ceramiczny ze zdobieniem ściany przedniej. P&R ARMSTRONG industrialny kran z wbudowanym prysznicem w wylewkę, MINI ARMSTRONG kran z systemem podgrzewania wody 75-98°C i filtracji wody zimnej oraz ARMSTRONG dozownik do płynu

SHAWS Butler 800 WILD GRASS BLUE ceramic sink with front wall decoration. P&R ARMSTRONG industrial faucet with
builtinto the spout, MINI ARMSTRONG faucet with 75-98°C water heating and cold water filtration system, and ARMSTRONG liquid dispenser


Shaws Of Darwen

Since the company was founded in 1897 in England, we have devoted time, passion and pride to every form we create. Each one is handcrafted by a single Master Craftsman, taught by Master Craftsmen who came before. The result is as individual as the heart of the man who made and signed it. Fired at higher temperatures than other ceramic sinks, Shaws products are extremely durable and are invariably used in 100-year-old English homes. Our classic and contemporary collections are welcome in any interior because the timeless beauty fits anywhere. These are sinks created for those who want the original, who believe that making a statement is
what they do for themselves.

V + A wanna wolnostojąca AMIATA 1650 Quarrycast™

V + A AMIATA 1650 Quarrycast™ freestanding bathtub.


Victoria + Albert

Victoria + Albert bathtubs are works of art: sculptural forms of pure beauty, individually hand-polished and crafted in South Africa. Coveted for their presence, they transform any space into a sanctuary. Our tubs are composed of Volcanic Limestone™, a natural rock that creates forms that complement the body for a truly indulgent experience. The sloping waves and minimalist angles are expressed in a spectrum of patterns and colors to satisfy all style desires. Each Victoria + Albert bathtub is a centerpiece created to last a lifetime. Each one is a rich statement, synonymous with luxury that defines the one who owns it.

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