Hand-formed brick that will become a decoration for your home

Hand-formed brick that will become the decoration of your home

Ecological hand-formed brick - we know absolutely everything about it, because its production has been our passion for several generations. Our brick factory has existed since 1928, but we have been producing hand-formed brick even longer, for more than 100 years.

It is used for facades, masonry structures of load-bearing walls, basements and foundations, decorative elements in interior architecture (such as partitions, fireplaces, etc.) and garden architecture.

Płytka ceglana z cegły ręcznie formowanej „Tradycyjna Postarzana”

Hand-formed brick tile "Traditional Aged".


Our hand-formed brick has very good physical parameters, which results in a better indoor microclimate.

It is fully ecological, without any admixtures, dyes and plasticizers. Only loess clay is used in production, which makes the brick lighter and warmer than others.

Our brick also has a high coefficient of absorbability, so it absorbs moisture better and gives it back more slowly. This prevents "sweating" of walls, ventilation and smoke ducts.

 Elewacja z płytki ceglanej „Tradycyjna Postarzana”, zastosowano płytki licowe oraz narożnikiFacade of a building made of hand-formed traditional aged brick


The bricks produced by us have full frost resistance, confirmed by tests. Our products do not exceed acceptable standards of radioactivity, elevations do not change color, do not peel and are extremely durable.

We have the ability to produce any shape and size, adapting to the needs of customers, which is characteristic only of handmade production.

Elewacja budynku z cegły ręcznie formowanej włoskiej

Facade of a building made of hand-formed Italian bricks


The quality of our bricks has been appreciated by many architects, monument conservators and numerous individual investors both in Poland and abroad. Our bricks have been used in the renovation of, among others, the Royal Castle in Warsaw, the Olsztyn Castle, in the restoration of the Chyzyn Gate of the Kostrzyn Fortress, the Krakow Gate in Lublin, etc.

Brick from the Hoffman Brickworks enjoys recognition in Germany, Austria, England, Denmark, Norway, among others.

In our brick factory, we have set the record for the largest hand-formed brick in the world three times. We are also involved in many cultural activities.

Elewacja z cegły ręcznie formowanej „Briko Mix”

Facade of hand-formed brick "Briko Mix"


For more information, visit the company's page Cegielnia Hoffmanowska Osiniak i Wspólnicy Sp.J. on thePdD portal.