Garden Pool Guide. Choosing and constructing the perfect pool for summer relaxation

A swimming pool in your own garden... ah, a dream! Or maybe not just a dream? If creating such a perfect place for summer relaxation is on your list of plans, but you don't know where to start and how to approach the realization of this project, we have a short guide for you, so that your dream can become a reality. Here we go! What should you know about garden pools?

Why invest in a garden pool?

Your own garden pool is a wonderful independence and freedom! In hot weather, public swimming pools and other bodies of water are very besieged and even burst at the seams. Your own pool, even a small one in your backyard garden, will make sure that when the heat hits, you will be able to cool off at any time, even for 10 or 15 minutes. Even such a short bath will allow you to quickly relax during the day and bring relief to your body.

What to pay attention to when looking for a garden pool?

What kind of garden pool to choose? There are quite a few options! Before you decide on a specific solution, think about a few issues that can be very helpful in your choice. What to consider when looking for a pool for yourself?

  • Budget - the amount of money you can spend on this investment is key, and it is from determining your budget that you should start your search. Completely different amounts of money need to be invested in a large masonry pool, and others in a small expander model.
  • Pool type - once you've determined your budget, you can decide on the specific type of pool that will best meet your expectations.

  • Size - consider how much space you can allocate to put the pool - remember that the larger the capacity, the more it will cost to fill it.

  • Material - most pools available in stores are made of plastic, but there are also those made of wood or steel.

Basen murowany, a może stelażowy lub rozporowy? Każdy sprawdzi się w innych warunkach i będzie wymagał innej skali inwestycji

A masonry pool, or maybe a rack or strut pool? Each will work in different conditions and require a different scale of investment.

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Types of garden pools

What type of pool should you choose? You have several types to choose from at different prices and sizes. Which one is worth opting for? Learn about their most important features.

Built-in masonry pool

A masonry pool is a permanent part of the garden design, which, although it requires the largest financial outlay, is also the most durable and impressive solution. Such a pool is not only a pleaser of hot days, but also an element that significantly increases the attractiveness of the entire property. This is very important if in the future you plan to sell the house and the entire plot of land on which it stands. Water from a masonry pool for the winter is released, and when the next season comes, the pool must be cleaned and refilled with water from scratch.

Rack pool

Arack pool is a great alternative to a masonry pool. Due to its stable construction, it can be quite large in size. Unfolding such a pool is quite time-consuming, but the result definitely rewards all the effort put in. The steel structure of the racked pool can withstand even heavy loads, and such a pool is very durable and resistant to damage. However, such models require a perfectly flat, stable surface. The best will be a specially poured concrete slab for this purpose, which will serve well for many years. Rack pool is an expense of up to several thousand zlotys.


An expandablepool is a product that takes up less space than a frame pool and can be easily put together and stowed away after the season. It is also less expensive. You can buy a strut pool with a diameter of 3-4 meters for as little as PLN 300-400. It also does not require tedious folding and unfolding. All you need to do is pour water into it, and thanks to the force of pressure on the walls, the pool itself will take the target shape. Expansion pools usually have a larger inflatable flange to prevent water from spilling out. Disadvantages: strut pools are limited in size, usually up to a maximum of 4 meters in diameter. They are also less durable and stable than frame pools.

Inflatable pool

Inflatable pools are the cheapest option available on the market. In stores you can already find small children 's pools for a few dozen zlotys, which you just need to inflate and fill with water. The advantages of such pools are low price, mobility and easy storage. You can easily transport the inflatable pool with you between your house and recreational plot.

Dbaj o jakość wody w swoim basenie, by cieszyć się przyjemnymi, orzeźwiającymi kąpielami przez cały sezon letni.

Take care of your pool's water quality to enjoy pleasant, refreshing swims throughout the summer season.

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How to take care of water in a garden pool?

It's not enough to pour water into your pool. If you don't take proper care of its cleanliness, after some time instead of a pool with clean water you will have a greenish and unattractive pond. What should you do to keep your pool water clean for a long time?

  • Install a pump - a pump is a must for any pool in which you will change the water less frequently than once every 2-3 days. A pump connected to the pool will filter the water on a regular basis and help keep it clean.
  • Invest in a skimmer - if your pool is quite large, you can also buy a small float, called a skimmer, which will additionally distribute chlorine throughout the pool.

  • Remove deb ris - regularly get rid of larger debris, such as insects or leaves on the surface of the water.

  • Cover the pool - try to cover the pool when you know it will not be used for a long time.

As long as you have the space to do so, it's worth investing in a garden pool, even if it's only going to be an undersized expansion tank. The hot days, which increase every year during the Polish summer, will then be much more pleasant!

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Compiled by: OLGA TRĘDOTA