Flameless gas hobs - INNOVA

Because it's good to add gas, but with new technology.

INNOVA is the most advanced line of flameless gas cooktops. It is a combination of minimalist design, innovative technology and the convenience of gas cooking. It is a completely new quality of cooking in the kitchen.

Płyta gazowa INNOVA COMFORT, 5+3

INNOVA COMFORT gas hob, 5+3

© Solgaz

Patent straight from Poland

The "gas-under-glass" technology is a patented solution from Solgaz. In INNOVA hobs, gas is burned catalytically in special burners located under the surface of the ceramic. The high temperature of gas combustion results in the thorough burning of greasy vapors and more efficient use of the extracted gas. The device works in cycles, that is, it turns on and off as needed, thus limiting the amount of gas consumed.

The INNOVA line has been equipped with the latest solutions that make cooking easier than ever. The functions: timer, timer, booster and "Stop & go" hob memory allow you to save time spent in the kitchen and prepare the perfect dish at the same time. Solgaz is the only manufacturer in the world to use filaments in gas hobs, so the hob starts up and works extremely quietly.

Piekarnik gazowy SPG-67

SPG-67 gas oven

© Solgaz

Designed with you in mind

The latest generation of flameless gas cooktops has been created with high comfort in mind. Responding to the ever-growing expectations of customers, three lines of INNOV flameless gas hobs have been created: Standard, Comfort and Premium. Each of them is equipped with larger heating fields and additional functions, for example, in INNOVA Comfort and Premium the manufacturer has also used additional protection and power regulation in degrees Celsius, which gives the possibility of very precise cooking. Thanks to temperature stabilization, you can easily prepare a perfectly fried steak or fish. The power range of 50 - 250 means even more culinary possibilities - that's precise and smooth cooking.

INNOVA gas cooktops are available in different sizes and configurations of heating fields. There is a choice of three-, four- and five-burner hobs, designed for installation in 60 cm or 80 cm wide cabinets. Thus, you can successfully match the device to any kitchen, to the number and frequency, as well as the number of household members.


LAMIERA GL-60 hood

© Solgaz

Clean, ecological and economical

The smooth ceramic surface and the catalytic burners hidden underneath are a combination that brings gas cooking to a whole new level. The absence of protruding burners and grates makes flameless gas hobs easy to clean. The absence of an open flame, in turn, puts an end to the era of smeared pots, soot and grease fumes that settle all over the kitchen in the case of classic gas cookers.

The unique method of burning gas is not only more efficient, but also more environmentally friendly. Catalytic combustion ensures that 10 times less carbon monoxide enters the kitchen than is the case with traditional gas stoves.

Innova built-in cabinet gas cooktops are also a very economical solution. Each is equipped with a so-called free field. This is the brand's proprietary solution, which uses the regular operation of the hob to manage the fumes produced by the burning of gas. The place where hot fumes accumulate under the ceramic is designed to heat additional fields on its surface without taking gas. Thanks to this solution, heat is recovered, which in classical gas cookers is thrown away and wasted into the environment and reused to maintain the temperature or reheat food.

The cyclic operation of the device and the free field make flameless gas hobs consume up to 50% less gas than traditional gas stoves.

INNOVA gas hobs mean the use of the latest technology, innovative solutions that no other home appliance manufacturer has undertaken before, and at the same time safety, economy, functionality and design. Flameless gas cooktops combine the modern look typical of induction cooktops with the well-known and appreciated technology of gas stoves. The result of such a combination is a device that not only looks good in the kitchen, but at the same time provides energy savings and allows you to cook meals at the highest level.

About the brand

Solgaz is a Polish manufacturer of innovative home appliances. It is a pioneer in the production of gas cooktops with "gas-under-glass" technology. For more than 20 years it has been putting the highest quality products into the hands of its customers. Solgaz is a brand inspired by technology, offering innovative solutions and unique products that no one else has. The manufacturer also offers other proprietary products, such as "gas on glass" - a hob that cooks by itself. Thanks to special sensors and electronics, the device itself controls what is happening in the pot. The company's offer is complemented by smart hoods and ovens

For more information, visit the company's Solgaz page on the PdD portal.