GLOBALO presents new collection of hoods in ultra-fashionable pastels

Fans of beautiful and unique home furnishings can have reason to rejoice. A collection of pastel kitchen hoods signed with the logo of the Polish brand GLOBALO has just appeared on the market of household appliances.

Pastel hoods - a way to make an interesting kitchen arrangement

GLOBALO once again surprises with the design of its products. The brand, which was the first in Poland to launch a hood in a noble shade of gold, now offers a collection in pastels aimed at those wishing to add freshness and optimism to their kitchens. The pastel hoods were premiered at the autumn edition of Warsaw Home & Contract 2022 where they received tremendous interest. Will they repeat the success of the golden bestseller?

Okap wyspowy Globalo Lobelio Velvet Rose

Globalo Lobelio Velvet Rose island hood


Colors inspired by nature

As of now, GLOBALO offers 4 color variations in its pastel collection:
- Olive Green - a muted green that blends perfectly with kitchens decorated in earthy colors,
- Mint - a cool shade that gives the interior lightness and refreshment,
- Velvet Rose - a muted, delicate pink for lovers of class and sophistication,
- Ocean Blue - a blue reminiscent in color of the depths of the ocean.
The color palette was inspired by colors found in the natural environment, which create an atmosphere of harmony and balance in interiors. According to the designers, accents with pastel finishes are an excellent way to break up calm and neutral tones and have a positive effect on the well-being of residents.

Kolekcja pastelowych okapów GLOBALO - prezentacja podczas Targów Warsaw Home & Contract 2022

GLOBALO's collection of pastel-colored hoods - presentation during the Warsaw Home & Contract 2022 Trade Fair.


Quiet and efficient

GLOBALO hoods have much more to offer besides their phenomenal design. The appliances are fully refined on the technical side to ensure efficient operation and comfort. The motor, which generates 47 decibels in first gear, is a guarantee of quiet operation when properly connected to the ventilation. A great value for users is also the high efficiency, which is up to 570 m3/h and ensures effective air purification.

Okap wyspowy Globalo Lobelio Ocean Blue

Globalo Lobelio Ocean Blue island hood


Partner program for architects - See the hood colors live!

Shades from the new collection can be seen live, as the GLOBALO brand provides free color templates to help architects design and collaborate with clients. 3D models of the kitchen hoods can also be downloaded from the website. Architects and designers working with GLOBALO can also count on expert support from a dedicated advisor, attractive discounts and social media promotion.

For more information, visit the company's GLOBALO page on the PdD portal.