How to decorate a cumbersome bathroom?

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  1. A bathroom with a slant or a window is an arrangement challenge.
  2. Partition walls will allow you to easily divide the bathroom space.
  3. A low toilet rack will make it easier for you to arrange a wall with a window.
  4. An alcove is a great place for a shower.
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      Is your bathroom small or located in the attic? Or maybe it has an unusual shape? The challenges of arranging this room can be many. Fortunately, there are also many solutions to transform even a small and combersome space into a functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom.

      Clever division

      The bathroom is one of the most troublesome rooms to arrange. It is usually characterized by a small area, and often a difficult layout. Bevels, recesses, plumbing risers, windows - all of these limit our freedom of arrangement. How to reconcile the desire for spaciousness with the need for privacy and a sense of coziness? It is worth using partition walls. Thanks to them, we can freely separate individual zones of the bathroom. On the market you will find models with a thickness of only 69 mm, which will not clutter and overwhelm the space.

      Ścianki działowe pozwolą Ci w łatwy sposób podzielić przestrzeń łazienki

      Partition walls will allow you to easily divide the bathroom space

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      Unusual solutions

      Limited space between the toilet and sink, no room for a comfortable cubicle or mounting a toilet rack between pipes and risers. Each of the difficult installation and design situations requires a thoughtful approach and non-standard solutions. A similar situation occurs when a bathroom is equipped with a window. On the one hand, it provides natural light to the room and brightens it, optically enlarging even a small space. On the other hand, it can pose some challenges, as a wall with a window is difficult to arrange. In this case, it is worth reaching for custom toilet racks. Choosing a narrow module with the possibility of mounting in the corner of the room will save a lot of space for other fixtures. A low rack, on the other hand, will work well for installation under a window or a slant.

      Niski stelaż do WC ułatwi Ci aranżację ściany z oknem

      A low toilet rack will make it easier for you to arrange a wall with a window

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      Maximize the use of space

      Quite often in bathrooms you will find alcoves. Once perceived as a space impossible to arrange, they now add variety to the interior and give it a non-obvious dimension. Thanks to the development of the offer of sanitary solutions, niches have become a functional zone that we can arrange in many ways. One of the most popular ideas is to create a shower area in it. It is enough to have custom-made glazing and linear drainage to enjoy a comfortable cabin. An interesting option is also to develop this space in such a way as to hide the toilet area in the alcove. In this case, we can also use a concealed rack. Installing a toilet rack in an alcove is a proven way to hide and separate this zone from the rest of the room.

      Wnęka to świetne miejsce na prysznic

      An alcove is a great place for a shower

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