How to separate functional zones in the bathroom?

08 of December '21

Increasingly, the bathroom is being divided into functional zones. They organize the interior, improve aesthetics and increase comfort. Partition walls are helpful. Also popular are symbolic "borders" marked by different color, material or lighting.

One of the most important current trends in bathroom design is to find stylish ways to separate wet and dry zones in the bathroom. It is important that the dry zone is not full of water after bathing, as this part of the room is used by users all the time. Separating the two zones is the most practical bathroom layout, as it creates two separate usable spaces. When all bathing activities are in one designated zone it makes it easier to keep the bathroom clean and helps protect it from moisture and mold.

Wet zone

The wet zone is the area of the bathroom where most water-related activities take place. It must accommodate the shower and bathtub, as well as towel racks.

Dry zone

The dry zone is the most frequently used part of the bathroom, where the toilet and sink, among other things, are located.

Small space is not a problem!

For smaller bathrooms, there are still many clever ideas for separating the wet and dry zones. You can install an enclosed shower st all or use a shower panel or shower door to create a partition. Transparent frameless glass is the best option to make the room bright and spacious. For a truly innovative design, you can create a two-level effect in your bathroom. The different heights of the floor will clearly mark the two zones, as well as add extra chic to your interior!

Rondo Black
z deszczownią i ścienna bateria natryskowa Algeo Black

Thanks to the partially glazed walls, even in a small area, a division into a relaxation zone with a rain shower and shower, and a "sanitary" zone has been achieved. In the former, the Rondo Black sliding shower set with a rainshower stands out, as well as the Algeo Black wall-mounted shower mixer. The washbasin zone features a black Algeo Black stand mixer.


Ways to divide a larger bathroom

You can separate the wet and dry zones in a number of ways to achieve a highly functional bathroom design that also looks stunning. In a larger bathroom, you can create a partition wall to separate the two zones. However, if it runs the full length, from floor to ceiling, you'll need to ensure that the bathroom doesn't look cramped and that both zones still have access to plenty of natural light. Instead of a full-length partition wall, you can create a half-wall or use glass on top of it, so that natural light will still flow through the entire space.

Zestaw Trevi

The sample arrangement of the bath salon uses a varied color scheme for the walls and a glass panel between the zones. The photo shows a Trevi set consisting of a rain shower with a SLIM disc head (diameter 30 cm), a shower with a three-function handle and a thermostatic faucet with a hot water safe stop 38°C lock.


Is it the living room or the bathroom?

When we really have a lot of space for bathroom arrangements, we can afford a bit of extravagance. Bathrooms can be reminiscent of boudoirs - formerly richly and elegantly furnished rooms occupied by the lady of the house. Therefore, they will be associated more with a living room than a place used for hygienic procedures.

bateria Algeo Square

In the arrangement in white brick - with a bathtub and matching modern four-hole Algeo Square faucet and a sink with a standing faucet (also Algeo Square) - the designer created a special corner with an elegant dressing table.


Here you can also flip through your favorite magazine, read a book, plan the next day. The spirit of the old, boudoir times will be brought in by an elegant vintage wooden armchair. A stately palm tree adds positive energy, and various textures and decorations are placed on the walls. In such an entourage, conducive to tranquility, good ideas are easier to come by.

Relaksującą kąpiel
zagwarantuje wolnostojąca wanna z nowoczesną czterootworową baterią Adore White/Chrome

In the gray composition, the restful role of the bath room is emphasized by the sofa - gray, matching the surroundings. A relaxing bath will be guaranteed by a free-standing bathtub with a modern four-hole Adore White/Chrome faucet.


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