Inspirational joinery for modern architecture

House designs inspired by the timeless modernist style, whose hallmark is large areas of glazing framed by narrow window frames, are increasingly popular today. Such an effect can easily be achieved with modern Schüco PVC-U joinery. Visually lightweight window and door structures provide wide freedom for the realization of creative architectural concepts, and impress with intelligent functions.

Large glazings are already a mandatory component of modern single-family homes. Especially since investors are increasingly choosing designs with simple, modernist shapes and limited square footage. The main elements of the architectural creation of such buildings are bright colors, an open floor plan and a maximum dose of natural light. Therefore, so often in the designs of modern houses, in addition to wide sliding doors to the terrace, you can find vertical windows reaching from floor to ceiling or even glazing of entire gable walls.

Large-format windows and doors not only allow rooms to open wide to the outside world, but also create a unique sense of freedom and connection with nature. Such an effect can be achieved by using modern Schüco PVC-U window systems, which provide almost unlimited possibilities for realizing large-format windows and doors in various shapes and colors. Modern solutions with zero thresholds and intelligent automation functions create a comfortable space without any architectural barriers.

Przekrój przez profil tworzywowo- aluminiowy Schüco Symbiotic

Cross-section through a Schüco Symbiotic plastic and aluminum profile

Individual design in luminous colors

Schüco's modern PVC-U windows are available in a variety of thermal insulation classes, from energy-efficient to passive, as well as in many colors, shapes, design versions and opening types. This means almost unlimited possibilities for shaping modern architecture with an individual touch. For example, the modern LivIng systems made of PVC-U allow the realization of fashionable windows and portfères reaching almost from floor to ceiling with sashes as high as 2.6 meters. In addition, with the use of various types of connecting and expansion profiles, it is possible to realize impressive multi-partite structures consisting of fixed and opening elements. The modern visual effect will be further emphasized by the individually selected contour of the profile: the minimalist Classic, the subtly rounded Rondo or the quarter sided Viva. The realization of striking, modernistic window strips with an aluminum look is made possible by the innovative Schüco Symbiotic hybrid system. The plastic-aluminum window impresses at first glance with a shallow installation depth of 74 mm, a minimum visible profile front width of 110 mm and a glazing thickness of up to 52 mm. The joinery's modernist design is emphasized by the elegant, angular geometry of the aluminum profiles and flush glazing surfaces in the opening and fixed sections. The exterior aluminum surface can be powder-coated in any RAL color or anodized, while the interior PVC-U surface can be finished with a decorative film from a wide range of more than 200 solid, imitation wood or metallic colors.

Intelligent dimension of comfort

Large format windows have a very striking appearance, but design is not everything. More and more people are building a house with the future in mind and intelligent solutions that will make their daily activities as easy as possible. This is especially true of heavy, large-format sliding doors and high thresholds, which can be difficult for the elderly or those with disabilities to overcome. All these issues have been solved by the LivIngSlide PVC-U system, which allows for very large lift-and-slide doors as large as 6.5 x 2.8 meters. One frame can accommodate up to four fixed or sliding sashes weighing up to 400 kg.

The innovative solution also comes in the Panorama version with ultra-narrow sash profiles with a visible width of just 72 mm. High operating comfort is provided by a zero-millimeter threshold, a carefully thought-out lift-and-slide mechanism, and in the automatic version - a completely concealed drive. Modern doors of this design allow effortless opening of even very heavy sashes at the touch of a button on the wall or panel. Future-oriented automatic operation features are also offered by Schüco's threshold-free PVC-U entrance doors with the BlueCon module. It makes it possible to open and close the joinery completely contactless, using a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. The signal to open the door leaf is sent when the system detects the paired device. The practical feature was developed not only for people with disabilities - it is very helpful in many everyday situations, such as carrying shopping.

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