Kitchens made of old wood. Quality developed by nature.

FUNCTIONALISM. BEAUTY. ORIGINAL DESIGN. ECOLOGY. You will find these qualities in the kitchen designs of Regalia Poland Manufaktura.

We bring out the beauty of 100-year-old wood

As a brand, we love wood. And even more, we love old, centuries-old wood that grew unhurriedly, building strength in the rhythm of nature. Then selected by a carpenter, it created a safe home for several generations. Years later, saved by us from destruction, it was given new life to serve your family.

The world is changing, we remain faithful to traditional craftsmanship

In the past, trees grew in a natural forest with optimal soil and moisture conditions. They had small annual growth rates affecting the content and solidity of the raw material harvested from them. They were then carefully selected by the carpenter for their exact purpose. Cutting was done in winter, when there was the least amount of sap in the trunk, thus reducing the risk of deformation. The wood was seasoned and dried naturally. Therefore, the aged wood that we use in our projects is the best quality material - resistant and extremely solid. It is ideally suited for use in the kitchen. Old, aged wood, in addition to its incredible quality, offers something else. It's a magical juxtaposition of colors, textures and hidden stories of craftsmen and their heritage. We preserve the original hand-chiseled or chiseled surfaces, we use century-old boards scorched by the sun, but we also make very modern, minimalist furniture made from a core of old beams, which we protect with stained, natural oils.

Century-old wood - quality for generations

All elements such as fronts, pedestals, cabinet interiors and drawers are made of 100% antique wood. When you choose our kitchens made of old wood, you also get the latest solutions that guarantee the functionality and reliable quality of furniture use. Efficient and quiet opening of kitchen cabinets is ensured by Servo-Drive, Aventos systems, hinges with silent closing. The slides are dedicated to the increased load of natural aged wood drawers.

Age-old metal - the value of detail

We believe in the new quality of old craftsmanship. When it comes to details, we also stay true to our no-waste philosophy. We forge metal recovered during renovations by hand, creating unique handles, hinges and other accessories. We make them according to your needs and expectations. Robustness and quality are as important as functionality. Hand-forged handles made in accordance with traditional craftsmanship is originality that gives your kitchen fronts a uniquely exclusive look. Your kitchen can be beautiful and natural. It can also age gracefully.

A design made to measure

The kitchen is the heart of your home - in an age of rapid change, having a place that is safe and lives its own peaceful rhythm is priceless.We create with passion and without haste. We make furniture according to individual expectations. We believe that your home deserves a unique and functional kitchen.
Solid craftsmanship and age-old raw material do not allow the use of compromises. The interiors of cabinets and drawers are professional as are the fronts or countertops. Personalization of cabinet interiors and dividers, from simple and universal solutions to more sophisticated ones, is our standard. Everything made in accordance with solid craftsmanship and impeccable quality. Professional cabinet and drawer interiors make sure that ingredients, kitchen utensils are always at hand. On request, we equip the interiors of our wooden kitchens with inserts, dividers and special sorting modules. Order and clarity are as important as ergonomics.

Old wood kitchens are good design

We create harmonious interiors in balance with nature. And good design makes our world not only more beautiful, but also more friendly, corresponding to our real needs. This is inherited wealth. Age-old wood unleashes creativity, allows a variety of forms and colors. That's why we are ready to implement even the most complex projects. We create not only traditional and classic furniture. We love wood, but we also love metal. That's why we take the greatest pleasure in realizing projects in the industrial spirit, matching loft interiors.

True ecology

We are proud that for the creation of your kitchen we will not cut down a single tree. With the highest standards of aesthetics, craftsmanship and a no-waste philosophy, we are inspiring more and more people to live a sustainable lifestyle. As a furniture manufacturing manufactory, we become responsible for shaping reality and the objects we design. That's why we do it in an eco-friendly and conscious way.

Be a part of this natural history.

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