How to illuminate the space above the table?

Choosing the right lighting for the space above the table is absolutely crucial, not only for aesthetics, but also for the functionality of the dining room. What to pay attention to when choosing fixtures? What parameters are worth keeping in mind?

Oświetlenie strefy jadalnianej powinno komponować się z resztą wnętrza

The lighting of the dining area should blend in with the rest of the interior

Photo by Andrei Kondrykau © Glaza Interiors

What kind of light do you need?

Before buying a lamp for the dining area, think about what kind of light you need. Do you want to illuminate only the tabletop area or the space around the table? This is because in this case we are talking about task lighting. For example, to illuminate the table itself, a lamp with precise optics, whose light sources are deeply embedded, will work great. Avoid fixtures in which the light stream is pointed in different directions. It is also important that the lamp does not blind us or cause glare.

Lampa w jadalni powinna dobrze oświetlać blat

The lamp in the dining room should illuminate the tabletop well


Important parameters

Lighting with a color temperature between 2700K — 3000K, i.e. white and warm light, will work best in the dining area. This will give the space a calm and cozy atmosphere. If you eat dinner with your family at the table in the evening, but during the day it is your workspace, choose a pendant fixture with adjustable color temperature. This will allow you to adjust the lighting temperature to suit your current needs. Also keep in mind the color rendering index (CRI). Especially if, for example, you run a culinary blog and care that the color of dishes, decorations or tableware is not distorted. Then choose fixtures with a CRI>90.

Wybierz białe i ciepłe światło

Choose white and warm light

Photo: Marcin Grabowiecki, © Kamińska Stańczak Design


Of course, the dining room lamp, in addition to illuminating the space, also plays a decorative role. On the one hand, the luminaire must make it easier for us to see what we have on our plate, and on the other — it must blend well with the design of the entire interior. An example of such lighting can be hanging fixtures, which look great not only individually, but also in sets, from which you can create interesting compositions. Lamps suspended at different heights will look especially intriguing.

Kilka lamp zawieszonych na różnych wysokościach stworzy ciekawą kompozycję

Several lamps suspended at different heights will create an interesting composition

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