Lighting that builds mood - what is worth remembering?

Light in the interior, in addition to its purely utilitarian function, has another, equally important task. It is it, in addition to colors and decor, that is responsible for the atmosphere and character of the room. Properly selected lamps and light sources create the right atmosphere and mood. How much light do we need and what parameters should we consider in order for the lighting to meet our expectations - Karolina Cierpiał, expert from Nowodvorski Lighting, tells us about it.

How much light do we need?

Monet in his series of paintings showing the Rouen Cathedral immortalized the same building, but each time in a different light. As a result of this change, the temple appears in a completely different way on each canvas. Exactly the same principle applies to interior design - the amount of light, different intensity, hue or its placement will translate into creating a different effect.

The amount of light needed is determined by lux and lumens. The former tell us about the amount of light that falls on a square meter. With lumens, on the other hand, we determine the light output, in some simplification meaning power. In rooms where we work, this value should be higher - because it has an activating effect and allows us to better see any details. It is assumed that in the bedroom we should aim to provide 200-250 lumens per square meter, in the living room 250-500, and in the kitchen, at the workstations where we do precision work, or at the dressing table even up to 700 lumens. The given values are a good starting point, but they are not absolute. With light-colored walls that reflect light, the number may be slightly lower. There will also be differences with an exposed or hidden light source in the fixture or the orientation of the bulb. For example, PEAR lamps from Nowodvorski Lighting's collection, thanks to their transparent shades and downward directed light, allow optimal use of the bulb's power, thereby reducing the number of lumens needed, says Karolina Cierpiał, an expert at Nowodvorski Lighting.

How to build a mood?

In each room there is a distinction between general lighting, responsible for even illumination of the entire interior, and functional lighting - directed at the worktop, reading corner or placed over the night table in the bedroom.

For general lighting it is good to use lamps that provide even and diffused light, such as those from the TURDA collection by Nowodvorski Lighting. Thanks to their hidden light sources, they do not cause a glare effect, and the fabrics from which they are made introduce a warm and cozy atmosphere. In workplaces, where the right angle of incidence of light is important, it is worth reaching for solutions that provide focused light. Such an effect will be achieved, for example, with MONO lamps by Nowodvorski Lighting. In the collection you will find both desk and standing models, which we can use, for example, in the reading corner," adds the expert.

In bedrooms with a small area, solutions that perform both functions will work well - for example, CHILLIN wall lamps by Nowodvorski Lighting, with two sources of light - one for general lighting and the other focused with the additional possibility of any orientation.
Complementing general and functional lighting is decorative lighting. It usually provides only a small glow, introducing a calm atmosphere and having a slightly calming effect. In the role of decorative lighting in the bathroom, for example, the lamps from the PIN LED collection by Nowodvorski Lighting with a light source placed on the strip and directed towards the wall will work well. The effect in the living room, on the other hand, will be provided by lamps from Nowodvorski Lighting's SUNSET series, which, thanks to their original shapes and execution from plywood from deciduous trees combined with metal elements, are an extremely interesting and original decoration also during the day, when the light is off.

Kinkiety z kolekcji SUNSET

Wall lamps from the SUNSET collection


Power of color, power of pattern

The color and shape of the lamp are also important in building the mood. If you want the lamp to attract attention, to be the main element of the decor, it is worth choosing models with unusual shape, material or color. For example, LASER lamps with elements made of solid brass or the POLARIS and AMALFI series by Nowodvorski Lighting, available in fashionable shades of smoked glass, gold, copper and chrome, are an excellent way to introduce an accent that emphasizes the character of the interior and refers to other accessories," says Karolina Cierpiał.

In a child's room, for a change, it is worth betting on lamps that with their saturated colors and fine form will support imagination and introduce an atmosphere that encourages play.

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