Metal in the garden. How to use it?

Contrary to appearances, heavy and durable metal can be an ornament to a garden arrangement. After all, the old clumsy structures are being replaced by much lighter, more delicate forms.

Metalowe konstrukcje mogą być ozdobą ogrodu

Metal structures can be an ornament in the garden

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Garden furniture

Metal tables, chairs, benches and deck chairs are popular for their durability and weather resistance. Metal furniture painted white will create a romantic corner. The lightweight design of the openwork pattern with finely curved elements will be an eye-catching garden decoration stylishly harmonizing with the surrounding greenery. In the evening, lit lanterns placed among the branches of trees will add charm to this arrangement. Choose furniture made of metal that has been properly protected against corrosion, such as aluminum or powder-coated metal.

Ażurowe meble stworzą romantyczną aranżację

Openwork furniture will create a romantic arrangement

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Wrought iron fences are equally common in gardens. Metal fences are durable and extremely functional. You can use different designs to give your garden an individual character. Metal spans with decorative grottoes mark the boundary of the property and make a beautiful fence, which, properly protected, will be a real showpiece of the house for a long time. However, remember to properly protect the metal from corrosion and adverse weather conditions.

Kute ogrodzenia są trwałe i estetyczne

Wrought iron fences are durable and aesthetically pleasing

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Terrace roofing

Metal will be ideal for creating a shade structure for the terrace. The combination of a pergola and a traditional canopy in the form of an aluminum tarasola will be a stylish and practical solution for spending more time outside.

Metalowa tarasola świetnie sprawdzi się jako zadaszenie tarasu

Metal tarasola will be perfect as a terrace canopy

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Flower pots and flowerbeds

Metal flower pots and flower beds are durable and weatherproof, making them a great choice for the outdoors. They are also not susceptible to damage by insects or rodents, ensuring better safety for plants.

Doniczki i kwietniki wykonane z metalu są odporne na warunki atmosferyczne

Flower pots and flowerbeds made of metal are weatherproof

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