Metallic colors of Kernau home appliances

Modern kitchen arrangements are moving away from the usual patterns. Consumers are looking for original solutions and are more boldly introducing colors to this area as well. Modern household appliances are gaining interesting colorations. For some time metallic shades have been very popular. Following the spirit of the times, the Kernau brand offers three color lines: Gun Metal, Gold and Copper. Each of them is distinguished by a shiny coating in fashionable shades of dark gray, gold and copper.

Kernau household appliances in a striking finish

Current kitchen arrangements are as diverse as the tastes of their owners. As always, functionality comes first. However, we expect it to be applied in a striking setting. Black is still fashionable, but... with the addition of color. When it additionally shines metallic, the arrangement takes on a completely different character. The dishwashing and cooking area will get a new look with unusual Kernau appliances with metallic coating.

Mysterious Gun Metal

Gray in the right edition can be more chic than black. It charms with its unobviousness and wide range of shades. Kernau designers know this, which is why they created the Gun Metal and Gun Metal Nano lines. The dark gray metallic coating was used on its own (for example, on the KSS V 62 1B SS sink) or in combination with universal black (the KBO 1280.1 TC oven). In the Nano version, it approaches anthracite in its saturation. It can be seen, for example, on the KWT 33 PO faucet.

Moc ciemnej stali (Linia Gun Metal)

The power of dark steel (Gun Metal line)


Timeless Gold

Gold always looks good in interiors. When combined with black, it brings classic elegance to interiors. On the other hand, when juxtaposed with white furniture, it fits perfectly into glamour-style arrangements. Gold metallic coating has appeared on such Kernau products as hoods, sinks and faucets. Some of the appliances also have Gold Nano coloring - more like old gold. For example, this is the black-gold KWT 35 faucet - part of the winning Obsidian Set, winner of the Good Design 2023 competition. This is a treat for lovers of vintage-flavored interiors.

Ultramodern Copper

A color that has been triumphing in interiors for quite some time is copper. It stands out for its undeniable elegance, and at the same time makes it possible to create original interiors. It fits into many styles. It harmoniously blends into the arrangement, but at the same time stands out against the background of the development. In Kernau's edition, it is so attractive that the KBO 1280 TC oven and hob in the Copper version won 1st place in the 2023 Furniture Diamond competition (category "Kitchen area"). A darker version of the coating, Copper Nano, can be found, for example, on the KWT 34 faucet, while a slightly different coloration, Rose Copper Nano, has drain sets for granite sinks.

Durable coating on Kernau products

The PVD coating is responsible for the elegance and durability of the metallic finish on Kernau products. Its properties ensure saturated color and shine for many years. In addition, the coating is hypoallergenic and resistant to damage.

Metallic coatings in the aforementioned shades were used on steel sinks, faucets, dispensers and drain sets. Larger household appliances with a metal sheen include ovens, gas hobs and some hoods. Of the small household appliances, mention should be made of the KSK 101 kettle with Gun Metal coating.
The products have been tailored to allow the line to be completed in a particular color for the designed interior.

Ponadczasowe złoto w kuchni (Linia Gold)

Timeless gold in the kitchen (Gold line)


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