Mirrors original by nature

Lustrowramie.co.uk is a studio that was established in 2016. We make mirrors with the individual needs of our customers in mind. Framed, backlit, minimalist and traditional, for home and commercial use. Our motto is beautiful and durable craftsmanship. That's why we create mirrors of a high standard. We use high-quality materials for production, and handicraft experience gained with age allows us to create artful and imperishable designs.

Genesis of the brand name - originally the company was engaged in picture framing. In 2016, the Lustrowramie brand was established, creating rectangular mirrors in frames. Over time, responding to the needs of the market, the offer was expanded with new shapes, new mirror designs and illuminated mirrors
- Modern design
- Illuminated mirrors
- Framed mirrors
- Made to measure - configuration of many options: from the ability to choose the shape of the mirror, the profile of the frame and its width and color, to the type of backlighting.

Lustro w czarnej ramie Wavy

Wavy black framed mirror


More than care

- when producing mirrors, we use the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years,
- We are a small manufactory, therefore we treat each order with due precision, according to the principle of detail matters. We translate our passion for good design, knowledge and experience gained into extraordinary products characterized by high quality

Lustro Tandem podświetlane

Tandem illuminated mirror


- All mirrors are made to measure - mirrors made to measure are the best solution for interiors, unusual formats, mirrors made to measure, in dream shapes or in fantastic frames are our element. We have the open minds, imagination and workshop necessary to give you the mirror you are looking for: a mirror in an unusual format and shape,
- for the production of rectangular mirrors we use imported profiles of reputable European manufacturers (Italian, Spanish),
- in our offer we have a wide selection of models - so design lovers and supporters of classics will find something for themselves.

Lustro w złotej ramie z zaokrąglonymi narożnikami Puffy

Mirror in a gold frame with rounded corners Puffy


We want to provide customers with the most interesting designs, which, however, resist transience. We choose those that will stay with you for years. Contemporary trends, fashions, shapes are the other side of the mirror for us, which we rediscover every day. Changes in the world of design inspire us to search and discover new possibilities in creating more models and shapes of mirrors. We know that inspiration and design have infinite facets, providing us with a whole range of new solutions. We watch this development with curiosity and openness and add to it our sense of taste and aesthetics. Our mirrors, while maintaining the charm of the classics, are in line with current trends. We reach for modern design and transfer it to the other side of the mirror to combine the two into one and give new forms to this invention, thanks to which every day we can look ourselves in the eye, smile at our reflection and be closer to ourselves.

Lustro arkadowe w czarnej ramie podświetlane

Arcade mirror in black frame illuminated


When creating new mirrors we go back to the root word, the Latin mirari, meaning "to wonder at, to admire." It is in this term that the philosophy of our work and design is contained. In this spirit, we offer customers more novelties reflecting our approach to these everyday but unique objects.
We work with architects and interior designers.

For more information, visit the company's LUSTRO W RAMIE page on PdD.