How to choose the perfect mirror?

17 of August '23
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  1. The mirror should match stylistically with the rest of the interior.
  2. Optically enlarging the interior with a mirror is a popular technique in interior design.
  3. The mirror should be hung at about 150-160 cm from the floor.
  4. The evaporation of the mirror can be prevented by using vinegar, dishwashing liquid or dedicated agents, among other things.
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A mirror is an extremely versatile interior design element that not only adds depth to a room, but is also an important decorative element. However, choosing the right model can be a challenging task, given the variety of shapes, sizes and styles available. In this article, we will take a look at the key aspects you should pay attention to when searching for the perfect mirror for your interior.

Choosing a mirror

Where to buy a mirror?

Buying a mirror from a proven manufacturer is important to ensure that you get a high-quality product that will not only meet your aesthetic expectations, but will also be functional and durable for many years. That's why it's worth investing in mirrors from reputable companies that have earned the trust of customers through their solid reputation and the quality of the products they offer. One such company is GieraDesign . Other manufacturers worth noting are VENTI and Lustro w ramie. The full list of manufacturers we recommend can be found in the search engine of the Products for home portal under the keyword "mirror".

How to choose a mirror?

The mirror should harmoniously fit into the style of the room. For example, a minimalist mirror with a simple form will look good in a modern interior, while an ornate model with a gold frame will look better in a vintage-style interior. Consider where best to place the mirror. This can be the space above the sink or dresser, in the hallway or a focal point in the living room. Make sure that the location of the mirror is practical and aesthetically compatible with the rest of the interior. Determine what function the mirror will serve. Consider whether it is to be used mainly for decorative purposes or to be practical.

Zastanów się jaką funkcję ma pełnić Twoje lustro

Consider what will be the function of your mirror


Where to hang the mirror?

In the bathroom

  • Above the sink: a mirror above the sink is practical and allows you to perform daily grooming tasks.

  • Opposite the window: placing a mirror opposite the window can help diffuse light and optically enlarge the space.

In the bedroom

  • Above the dresser or dressing table: this is the best place to place a mirror for applying makeup.

  • On the sliding closet: a mirror on the closet door will be perfect for putting together an outfit.

  • On the wall opposite the bed: with this we can optically enlarge the room.

In the hall or hallway:

  • In the hallway: A mirror at the end of the hallway will add an impression of depth and space.

  • Above the console: Placing a mirror over a console or table in the hallway can serve both a decorative and practical function.

In the living room:

  • Opposite the window: A mirror placed opposite a window can help diffuse light and create a bright and pleasant interior.

  • In the focal point of the arrangement: Placing a mirror in a spot that reflects beautiful views or interesting decorative elements can further enhance the living room's design.

Lustro w salonie pomoże stworzyć jasne i przytulne wnętrze

A mirror in the living room will help create a bright and cozy interior

© GieraDesign

Frameless mirror

Frameless mirrors, are an increasingly popular choice in interior design, as they offer a modern and minimalist look. The lack of a frame allows you to focus on the mirror surface itself. You can place such a piece on the sliding doors of a closet in a bedroom or hallway, or in place of traditional wall panels in a dining room or living room. Remember that a frameless mirror can have different shapes, such as rectangular, square, round or irregular, allowing you to adapt it to the character of the interior.

Venetian mirror

Venetian mirror is a glass with a reflective effect. It is achieved by applying a layer of aluminum or silver to the surface of the glass. Compared to a traditional mirror, this layer is thinner, which preserves the translucency. As a result, part of the light is transmitted and part is reflected.

How to optically enlarge an interior with a mirror?

Optically enlarging an interior with a mirror is a popular technique in interior design. To achieve this effect you need to place the mirror in a strategic place. The panel should reflect the view of the existing space, so as to create a sense of continuity. Good places include a wall opposite a window, door or other interesting interior feature. In addition, the larger the mirror, the more spectacular the effect will be. You can consider placing a large mirror at the full height of the wall, or create a striking arrangement from several smaller mirrors. If possible, consider using mirrored doors or sliding panels. Such an arrangement can create the impression that the space is more open and expansive. Well-planned lighting can further enhance the magnifying effect with a mirror. Place light sources so that they reflect off the mirror and spread throughout the room.

Lustro powinno być zawieszone mniej więcej na wysokości 150-160 cm od podłogi

The mirror should be hung roughly at a height of 150-160 cm from the floor

© GieraDesign

At what height to hang the mirror over the sink?

The height of hanging the mirror should be adjusted so that the person standing in front of the sink can comfortably look at himself in the mirror, without having to lean over or lift his head. Normally, mirrors are placed at a height of about 150-160 cm from the floor. Remember that the mirror should be hung high enough so that it is not exposed to water or other substances when using the sink.

Can the mirror be wider than the sink?

Yes, this is a fairly common solution in bathroom designs. A mirror with larger dimensions can create a visual impression of space and visually enlarge the bathroom. This is especially beneficial if you have a small space to work with. A wider mirror can help diffuse light in the bathroom, making the room brighter and more pleasant. Mirrors with large dimensions can go well with modern or minimalist interiors.

Lustro szersze od umywalki tworzy ciekawy efekt

A mirror wider than the sink creates an interesting effect

© GieraDesign

How to deal with a steaming mirror

A steaming mirror in the bathroom is a common occurrence, especially during a hot bath or shower. There are several ways to prevent steaming or quickly remove the steam from the mirror:

Warm water and soap

A small amount of soap on a damp sponge or towel can be used to wash the mirror. This should prevent evaporation for a while.


Make sure the room is well ventilated. Opening a window or turning on a fan will help remove steam.

Warm water

You can try wiping the mirror with a damp and warm cloth. The evaporation will be temporarily neutralized.


There are special sprays available on the market that form an anti-vapor layer on the surface of the mirror. You can use such a spray according to the manufacturer's instructions.


Diluted vinegar (such as apple cider vinegar) on a damp cloth can help prevent mirror evaporation. Keep in mind, however, that vinegar can damage certain types of frames or finishes, so it's a good idea to test it on a small area first.

Hair dryer

Gently drying the surface of the mirror with a warm blow from a hair dryer can help remove steam quickly.

Dish soap

A few drops of dish soap on a damp cloth can prevent evaporation.

Parowaniu lustra można zapobiec za pomocą octu, płynu do mycia naczyń lub dedykowanych środków

Mirror evaporation can be prevented with vinegar, dishwashing liquid or dedicated agents, among others

© GieraDesign

How to hang a mirror?


Make sure you have all the necessary tools and materials. You will need a mounting kit containing hooks, dowels, screws, etc., a level, measuring tape, pencil, drill and screwdriver. Then decide where you will hang the mirror.

Measure and mark

Use a measuring tape and pencil to mark the places where you will attach the mounting components (hooks, pins). Make sure the mirror will hang at the correct height, as we discussed earlier.

Drill the holes

Use a drill to make holes according to the markings on the wall. Make sure they are deep enough and even.

Mounting the pieces

If you plan to hang the mirror on a wall that is made of wood or other hard materials, you can directly use screws or dowels. If the wall is weaker, use appropriate fasteners, such as expansion anchors or special hooks for mounting in drywall. Then hang the mirror on these pieces. Use a level to check that it is evenly and stably placed.


We encourage you to use the database of reputable and reliable mirror manufacturers we are building in the Products for Home portal, as well as our articles about mirrors.


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