Personalized custom furniture without leaving home? Now it's possible with!

EWODD is a Polish brand rapidly developing for more than 10 years, specializing in the production of custom furniture. Especially for the most demanding customers who value their time, we created a modern configurator of custom furniture.

Regał bez cokołu z ramą w grubości 4 cm, pozostałe elementy 2 cm. Dąb lity olejowosk bezbarwny

Bookcase without pedestal with frame in thickness of 4 cm, other elements 2 cm. Solid oak with colorless oil wax


On you will design bookcases , chests of drawers, cabinets, shelves, tops, tables, cubbies, or closets to fit your interior perfectly. The configurator is intuitive, thus easy to use, giving you independence in designing your furniture. In addition, at each stage of the project, you can take advantage of the expert advice of our consultants to fulfill the dream of beautiful and stylish home furnishings.

Regał z cokołem i strefą TV. Dąb mikrowczep olejowosk bezbarwny w grubości materiału 3 cm

Bookcase with pedestal and TV area. Oak micrograin clear oil wax in a material thickness of 3 cm

© EWODD's furniture configurator allows users to create personalized furniture designs. Customers can choose from a wide range of materials from wood, plywood, to particleboard or lacquered mdf. They also have the option to choose the coloration and surface finish of the lacquer, but also the thickness of the material and other options to create furniture perfectly suited to their needs. The configurator allows you to create furniture of any size - to the millimeter!, so they can fit perfectly into any room, alcove or even other furniture already in the interiors.

Szafka wisząca mdf lakierowany biały połysk. Blat dąb mikrowczep lakier bezbarwny mat - 4 cm

Wall cabinet mdf lacquered white gloss. Tabletop oak microblade lacquered clear matt - 4 cm.


The configurator also gives you the opportunity to insert a skirting board cutout in the indicated dimensions, a back wall in several types and colors, or a choice of door and drawer opening systems: handle, knob, touch, finger cutout. All of these options allow you to make the bookcase more functional. You just need to spend some time and play with the form of our configurations to create a piece of furniture that will meet your expectations.

Regał bez cokołu ze strefą TV, rama w grubości 4 cm, pozostałe elementy 2 cm. Jesion mikrowczep olejowosk bezbarwny

Bookcase without pedestal with TV zone, frame in thickness of 4 cm, other elements 2 cm. Ash microsawn clear oil wax


With this modern tool, you can create a bookcase with which to block a TV, a window or a radiator, or even insert a sofa into a free section - just use a little imagination or be inspired by ready-made designs to select the right configuration one by one, and everything will become possible in a moment.

Szafka RTV wisząca. Jesion lity olejowosk wenge w grubości materiału 3 cm

Hanging RTV cabinet. Solid ash oil-wax wenge in a material thickness of 3 cm


If you are looking for a piece of furniture perfectly tailored to your difficult spaces, because there are bevels, a chimney, or structural beams then be sure to look at, because everything that seems to be problematic in your interiors for us is not a problem at all.

Kontenerki z cokołem, mdf lakierowany (od ściany: ral 9003, ral 1018, ral 5014) w grubości 1,8 cm

Containers with pedestal, lacquered mdf (from the wall: ral 9003, ral 1018, ral 5014) in thickness of 1.8 cm


For more information, please visit the company's EWODD page on the PdD portal.