EWODD.com has created a customized custom furniture configurator especially for you. Here you will design bookcases, shelves, countertops, cubbies or cabinets on dimension perfectly suited to your interior. Simply enter the dimensions, color and material choosing from a variety of wood, veneer, laminate, lacquer or plywood. Use our configurator to become your own interior designer, adding drawers, doors, shoulders and shelves to your bookcases, or legs, grommets or cutouts to your countertops. You can also create built-ins for alcoves or conjure up a composition from shelves and cubbies. The configurator is intuitive, thus easy to use, giving you independence in designing your furniture. However, at every stage of the project, we provide expert advice to make your dream of beautiful and stylish furnishings for your home or apartment come true. Have fun with our online furniture configurator.

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