House set in good light

House set in good light

Large glazings are synonymous with modern architecture. They give lightness to the interior and optically enlarge the space, which is perfect not only for small rooms. Whether you are renovating a house, designing a new one or creating a winter garden, the right choice of windows and doors can make your work truly unique. Choosing Reynaers Aluminum systems is a lifestyle decision - living in a space perfectly set in natural light.

MasterPatio – system
drzwi podnoszono-przesuwnych z nagrodą RedDot Award 2021

MasterPatio - lift-and-slide door system with RedDot Award 2021


High aesthetic qualities and reliable thermal insulation parameters

In the decision-making process, we most often consider the quality and aesthetics of the solution or product itself. MasterPatio, a new generation lift and slide door system, combines much more. It is a unique but versatile product that makes it possible to create a single-story glazed façade with sliding doors, in which - with full aesthetic consistency - MasterLine 8 opening windows and doors can be installed. In addition, thanks to its high wind load resistance [C5 (2000 Pa)], it can be used in tall buildings, even at the sea coast, and the achieved thermal insulation coefficient meets the requirements of passive construction.

MasterPatio – system
drzwi podnoszono-przesuwnych

MasterPatio - lift-and-slide door system


Unobstructed view from floor to ceiling

When developing the MasterPatio system, Reynaers Aluminum experts focused on its maximum transparency and visual simplicity of construction.
As a result, the ratio of glass to profiles can be as high as 90%, while maintaining adequate rigidity and resistance. As a result, we can install a sash in the house with maximum dimensions of the structure up to 3.6 m in height, and with a weight of 400 kg (moving element).
In addition, special profiles are installed to mask the drainage gutter, and a glass corner or narrow center section (50 mm) is also possible.
Depending on the variant, a low or flat - flush with the floor, threshold is available. What's more, the system allows the frame to be completely hidden in the frame, which gives an even greater impression of transparency and lightness to the whole structure.
All this to ultimately enjoy unfettered access to natural light and an unobstructed view. It's no wonder, then, that MasterPatio was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award 2021 in the "Product Design" discipline, in the "Interior Design Element" category .

Drzwi MasterLine 8
typu pivot, konfiguracja Landscape

MasterLine 8 pivotdoor, Landscape configuration


A spectacular entrance as the perfect crowning touch to a project

A spacious setting needs a spectacular entrance, and such is made possible by MasterLine 8 pivot doors. They are not only an alternative to typical entrance doors, but sometimes also terrace doors.
The pivot axis of the leaf is offset from the frame, so even with very large size and weight it is easy to open and close. It can weigh up to 500 kg (XL variant, Residential variant - 200).
The door is available in both panel and glazed versions. Manufacturers can customize any type of glass, thus optimizing costs. Pivot doors allow the construction of very high and wide entrances, including with fanlight.

Drzwi MasterLine 8 typu pivot,
Private House Hi-Finity Schelle

MasterLine 8 pivot doors, Private House Hi-Finity Schelle


Landscape for the seamless blending of the house space with its surroundings

MasterLine 8 pivot doors - in both Residential and XL variants - can be combined in a multi-leaf configuration (Landscape). This makes it easy to create a huge glass wall that allows the room to open up to its surroundings.
In this configuration, any number of individual sashes can be connected together, allowing the entire building wall to be opened up. Such a solution, applied to a house, can replace sliding or folding patio doors - it allows you to connect the interior with the garden or terrace, looks impressive, and at the same time is attractively priced.




Reynaers Aluminum for your design freedom

At Reynaers Aluminum, we realize that the most unique projects require a customized approach, so it is of great value to us to work closely with architects at every stage of a project. Our experts in the technical department are at their daily disposal and await the most unusual design challenges. All this is done to develop solutions tailored to the expectations of investors.




In addition, we offer our business partners the AVALON virtual reality room, which is located at our headquarters - Reynaers Campus in Belgium. It is an ideal environment for collaborative work. This is where architects who work with us can take a virtual journey into the project with the investor, making changes to the project while observing the results. This allows you to quickly and conveniently evaluate a specific solution, optimize it and confidently choose the best one.

For more information, visit the company's Reynaers Aluminium Sp. z o.o. page on the PdD portal.