Laminam quartz sinter, an ideal finishing material, not only for the kitchen

Quartz sinter, what is it?

Quartz sinter is a revolutionary form of large-format ceramic tile. This material is created by mixing and pressing under tremendous pressure natural minerals, including quartz sand, shale clay and granite rock. The resulting slabs are hardened by firing in hybrid furnaces at 1220°C. The finished slabs, although sizable (as large as 324x162cm), are at the same time extremely thin (from 3 to 20 mm).

With their patterns, Laminam sinters imitate natural stones, concrete, metal or wood, and a number of their properties make them increasingly popular choices for countertops (not only kitchen countertops), floors, walls, furniture fronts, fireplace facings, stairs, or exterior elevations.

Laminam sinter in the kitchen

Thanks to its exceptional resistance to chemicals, scratches, moisture, temperature and stains, Laminam quartz sinter is a popular material for use in kitchens - both on countertops, cabinet fronts and kitchen islands, as well as on walls and floors.

In addition to its visual aspects and durability, another plus is its ease of cleaning. Regardless of their texture, all Laminam sinters are non-absorbent, and in daily care all you need is a damp cloth, which is certainly an important aspect in the heat of culinary revolutions. Another advantage is the possibility of making an integrated sink from the same material, or milling the drainer directly into the countertop.

Kuchnia wykończona spiekiem kwarcowym Laminam  z kolekcji IN-SIDE Pietra Piasentina Taupe

Kitchen finished with Laminam quartz sinter from the IN-SIDE Pietra Piasentina Taupe collection.


Like natural stone - the IN-SIDE collection

In Laminam's wide range of products there is something for everyone. Particularly noteworthy is the IN-SIDE collection, the uniqueness of which is due to the use of an extremely innovative technology in the production of panels, which involves mixing natural raw materials composed of different grain sizes. The result of this process is a material whose texture is deceptively similar to natural stone - also to the touch, especially in the fiammato (flamed) surface.

Laminam sinters owe not only their stunning appearance, but also their excellent technical properties to this unique technology. Thanks to the IN-SIDE method, the pattern of Laminam sinters is the same on the surface and in the cross-section of the board, so we can freely modify them by cutting, milling or drilling, while maintaining their impeccable, full of naturalness appearance.

Kuchnia wykończona spiekiem kwarcowym Laminam  Pietra di Savoia Perla z kolekcji I-NATURALI

Kitchen finished with quartz sintered Laminam Pietra di Savoia Perla from the I-NATURALI collection.


Back to nature

The sinters offered by Laminam are not just a reproduction of the colors or drawings of granite, marble, wood, concrete and metal. It's a return to nature and nature, with an emphasis on rendering the texture of materials familiar to us from our surroundings, but with exceptional utility qualities.

We can choose among the now fashionable taupe or terracotta shades, as well as more abstract patterns. Additional variety is provided by various surface finishes, such as polished, matte, pebbled and flamed, or soft-touch. The brand has more than 200 patterns and colors, and the latest Laminam series is deceptively reminiscent of natural stone with a 3D texture.

Kuchnia wykończona spiekiem kwarcowym Laminam  Calacatta Oro Venato z kolekcji I-NATURALI

Kitchen finished with Laminam Calacatta Oro Venato quartz sinter from the I-NATURALI collection.


Dare to use black

Dark colors in interiors are becoming increasingly popular, including black, which should not be feared, you just need to plan its use well, for example in the form of accents - whether as a table top, kitchen island or one of the walls. It is worth remembering that black is universal, so it goes with all colors and can be freely combined with them. With light colors it will give the effect of a stylish contrast, while with dark colors - a mysterious depth. Black most often appears in arrangements in the modern style, because it creates with light colors a clear tonal contrast, enhancing the modern impression. However, you can use it in any style to which you want to add a strong character.

In the kitchen or bathroom, for example, black Laminam quartz sinters should be juxtaposed with gold fixtures, which will add a luxurious touch to the entire arrangement. An additional advantage will be the ease of maintenance of cleanliness, which in the case of dark surfaces often spends sleepless nights for hosts.

Fronty meblowe i blat kuchenny wykończone spiekiem kwarcowym  Laminam z kolekcji IN-SIDE Pietra Piasentina Taupe

Furniture fronts and kitchen countertop finished with Laminam quartz sinter from the IN-SIDE Pietra Piasentina Taupe collection.


Laminam sinter - a perfectly versatile material

As we have already mentioned, Laminam large-format boards are light, thin, perfectly flat, and at the same time extremely durable, resistant to damage and weather conditions. They are an ideal material not only for floors, but also for kitchen and bathroom countertops, table tops, window sills and stairs, walls and even exterior facades. The possibilities are almost endless, we are only limited by our imagination! However, remember that sinters must not be treated like traditional ceramic tiles. Their installation requires the use of special tools and preparations, so these tasks should be entrusted to professionals who specialize in working with quartz sinters.

For more information, visit the company's Laminam page on the PdD portal.