Sliding or hinged? Which door will work better in a large closet?

Buying the right closet is an investment for years, which will affect not only the aesthetics, but also the functionality of the interior. One of the key aspects we need to focus on when making this decision is the choice of doors. Tilt or sliding? Which will work better?

Wybór drzwi do szafy znacząco wpłynie na ich funkcjonalność

The choice of closet doors will significantly affect their functionality

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Swinging doors

One of the most important advantages of custom-made furniture is that it can be personalized to your taste and individual needs. One of these elements are doors. So it's worth considering which will work best for us. Traditional hinged doors are an elegant solution. However, it requires available space. When designing such a piece of furniture, you need to measure not only the width of the closet, but also add the centimeters that the open door will take up. On the other hand, when you open such a door, all clothes are perfectly visible and easily accessible. This makes it faster to find individual pieces and complete an outfit. Swinging doors are also more stable than sliding ones, since they are mounted with hinges.

Drzwi uchylne są bardziej stabilne, wymagają jednak więcej miejsca

Swinging doors are very stable, but require more space

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Sliding doors

The biggest advantage of this solution is the possibility to create a convenient closet even in tiny spaces, such as small bedrooms, hallways, corridors or bathrooms. This is because opening sliding doors does not require additional space. Thus, thanks to them, we maximize the usable area of the apartment, significantly increasing its functionality. In addition, sliding doors give the interior a modern look. We can choose from many different types of sliding doors, for example, glass or with decorative muntins. In a child's room, you can even create a closet in which one part of the door is covered with blackboard paint. This will give the toddler another place to play, which is especially important in small rooms. With sliding doors, it is also easier to divide the closet between multiple people. However, it is worth remembering that sliding doors open only part of the closet at a time, which makes it difficult to quickly access different closet items. Sliding doors can also be less stable or cause problems when exiting the slides.

Możesz wybierać spośród wielu różnych, także dekoracyjnych drzwi przesuwnych

You can choose from a variety of different even decorative sliding doors

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