The second life of the Halas chair

11 of December '23

The 200-190 chair is an iconic design made by Professor Rajmund Teofil Halas. The famous piece of furniture is available again to all lovers of timeless design.

Krzesło Hałasa stało się ikoną lat 60.

The Halas chair has become an icon of the 1960s.

© 366 Concept

History of Polish design

366 Concept, in cooperation with the family of Prof. Rajmund Teofil Halas, has undertaken to revive the legacy of the prominent Polish designer and his name on the international arena. Halas' oeuvre is a very important part of the Polish furniture making history. He created iconic furniture that took his name in the mass consciousness: "Halas chair", "Halas bookcase" or "Halas variable height bookcase". Reissues of the designer's furniture will be marked with the Halas logo, which will testify to their originality, quality and respect for the original designs. It is also a guarantee of 100% production in Poland using eco-friendly materials and wood of certified origin.

- The design heritage of Prof. R.T. Halas is immense, most of it is unknown to the public today. The family archives hold a treasure trove of brilliant designs that are yet to be discovered. We are extremely proud and excited to be co-creators of this project - says Maciej Cypryk of 366 Concept.

Prof. Rajmund Teofil Hałas

Prof. Rajmund Teofil Halas

Photo: private archives


The distinctive crescent-shaped backrest made the piece of furniture an icon of the 1960s. The chair's form combines elegance with the minimalism of Scandinavian Mid-Century style. During his scholarship in Finland, Halas was influenced by Nordic design. We can see it in his designs. More than half a century later, the 200-190 chair remains one of the bestsellers of domestic design both in Poland and around the world.

Krzesło zasłynęło dzięki charakterystycznemu oparciu w kształcie półksiężyca

The chair became famous for its distinctive crescent-shaped backrest

© 366 Concept

A new face

Currently offering a series of furniture that was created based on the 1963 Halas chair with the factory number 200-190, 366 Concept has expanded the series to include bar chairs and a 2-seater bench. They were designed by Agata Górka, an interior designer, co-founder and artistic director of the brand. The 200-190 series has also been adapted to the dimensions of the average modern user. The main raw materials used in production have also changed. Instead of beech - solid ash wood, high resilience foam in place of moltoprene, brass details and the highest quality upholstery fabrics. However, all furniture have been created respecting the original design of the 200-190 chair.

Krzesło barowe inspirowane meblem Hałasa Kolekcja została wzbogacona o krzesła barowe i ławkę

A bar chair inspired by a piece of furniture designed by Halas

© 366 Concept

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