Discover unique furniture, made of 100% old century wood

Discover unique furniture, made of 100% old aged wood

We love wood. And we love old aged wood even more. The wood we handcraft our furniture from has "passed its time". Sometimes it was the structural beams of a barn and sometimes of military warehouses.


Loft kitchen made entirely of aged wood and recycled metal
(3-layer fronts with preserved old surface)


Often literally saved from burning. Reclaimed, aged wood stands for nobility, quality and ecology. Every piece of furniture, every table, every detail is handmade from aged wood and/or metal that retains its natural character.

An occasional knot, nick or crack makes each piece of furniture different and unique. The wood we use to create furniture, kitchens and other interior design elements has been lying around for about 100 years, so it is resistant and extremely sturdy. It is also ideal for use in the kitchen or bathroom.


Traditional kitchen made entirely of aged wood
(3-layer fronts with preserved old surface, handles hand-forged from recycled metal)


We finish and protect all furniture exclusively with natural oil-wax, such treatment guarantees the highest protection, but also thanks to this, the wood retains its antibacterial properties.

Good design makes our world not only more beautiful,
but also more friendly, corresponding to our real needs.

As a brand that produces furniture, we become responsible, for shaping reality and the objects we produce. Therefore, we do it in an ecological and conscious way.

Wood - only recycled, oil-waxes - only natural, free of harmful substances, work - only with the support of local craftsmen, following traditional and proven solutions.

Functionalism. Simplicity. Ecology.

You will find these qualities in our designs. In our furniture history, we have gone a step further - we have expanded our offer to include kitchen built-ins made of 100% century-old wood (this also applies to pedestals, carcasses or drawer and cabinet interiors). The only contemporary elements are slides and innovative ways of closing and opening. We carry out projects individually based on the expectations and visions of our clients.



We maximally focus on the spirituality of the furniture. Our wood has a history, often of a family of several generations, we encapsulate it in a minimalist form, giving new life and making the furniture more than just an object....

We take care of every detail, which is why we also make metal handles by hand, preserving the patina formed over the years.

Our kitchens, are kitchens for generations, which will become a valuable element of the interior and certainly will not wear out and get bored after a few seasons.

4 times NO, 4 times "O"

  • We don't prune. We don't destroy. We don't sand. We don't age.
  • We recover, We salvage, We purify, We care.
  • The wood we create from has already experienced a lot in its at least 100-year life. On the surfaces of our furniture you will find the history of its processing recorded with old tools, a century old age covered with patina and the life of generations breathed into it close to nature. You will feel the craftsmanship of lumberjacks and carpenters, the warmth of the sun and the freshness of the wind. You will feel the traces of the life of a wooden house.
  • How many trees did we cut down to create a piece of furniture? Zero.


Modern, minimalist kitchen made entirely of aged wood
(3-layer fronts with preserved old surface).


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