Wood - a patent for a cozy interior

We have always associated wood with warmth, nature and ecology - that's why we like to surround ourselves with it in our homes and apartments. Natural raw materials are always in style and we are happy to choose wooden furniture or flooring. Window and door frames made of wood are also very popular - wooden windows have a unique charm. Over the years their form and design have changed. Modern profiles made of wood are elegant, sturdy and create great design possibilities.

Wood joinery is a typical solution when restoring historic buildings. Such as in the historic Berlin Villa in Nielęgowo. The building, dating from 1902 and deteriorating for years, has finally returned to its former glory. The Art Nouveau architectural gem, located near Koscian, has undergone a major renovation. The roof tiles were replaced, the facade and interiors were restored, and the outdated windows were replaced with new ones made by Europe's largest manufacturer of window joinery, Eko-Okien S.A. The villa had stucco referring to the Baroque, so Naturo wood windows with decorative heads matching the style were installed.


The entire Naturo system, which also includes sliding solutions, is characterized by high quality, energy efficiency and safety. Naturo windows use such wood species as solid pine, solid spruce, exotic meranti or oak. When sourcing wood, Eco-Okna takes care of the forests by participating in a program to plant new trees. The raw material for production is properly selected and glued from 3 or even 4 layers, taking into account the alternate arrangement of the rings. Thanks to this production process, the structure is stable and durable. This is very important, because neither doors nor windows are replaced after a year, but we want them to serve us for years. And this is exactly what wooden windows from Kornic are. The Naturo system has another important feature - it is energy efficient, which is very important nowadays. Thanks to the technology used, the woodwork not only has very good aesthetics, but also the highest parameters of thermal permeability.


Among the many warm windows available in the offer of the manufacturer from Kornice - it is worth paying attention to Naturo 76. These windows will not only help reduce heating expenses, but in addition, choosing this model you can gain up to 90% return on investment in the "Clean Air" program. Naturo 76 windows are not the only products that have high insulation coefficients and meet the requirements of this program. It is worth checking out the wider offer on the Eco-Windows website. The company also manufactures doors, blinds, shutters, mosquito nets and many other very good quality products.

For more information, visit the company's EKO-OKNA S.A. page on the PdD portal.