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Pebia - partner of architects and designers in creating functional spaces

19 of May '23

Creating attractive and functional spaces both in the city and around the home is crucial. Architects and designers are looking for innovative solutions that combine aesthetics with durability. In this context, Pebia, a young brand that has been operating in the paving market for three years, meets expectations by offering products that are the fruit of raw material control and attention to detail. Our offer is aimed at both public and private spaces, providing comprehensive solutions for a variety of projects.

© Pebia

Innovative design and diversity

Pebia, a young and dynamic brand, meets the expectations of architects and designers by offering interesting designs and a wide selection of paving colors. Our products are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, allowing flexibility in the design of public spaces. Regardless of the architectural style or character of the place, Pebia pavers add unique character and aesthetics.

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Control over raw material

We offer high-quality products, Pebia is part of the PBI Group consortium, which owns 7 aggregate mines. As a result, we have full control over the raw material we use to produce pavers. We can guarantee our customers that our products are made of high-quality ingredients, which translates into durability and weather resistance.

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Durability and strength

Pebia paving stones are characterized by excellent durability and resistance to weather conditions and mechanical loads. Made of high-quality concrete, it ensures durability. Due to the fact that we offer pavers of different thicknesses, the proper selection of pavers guarantees durability and aesthetic appearance for many years. Pebia is a good solution for high-traffic areas, such as sidewalks, squares and parking lots.

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Logistics facilities

Pebia understands the importance of efficient logistics in project implementation. That's why we have extensive logistics facilities that enable us to provide comprehensive transportation services. Our logistics team ensures the efficient delivery of pavers to their destination, regardless of the size of the project and location. As a result, our customers can be assured that the material will arrive on time, on schedule.

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Sustainable approach

As a young brand, Pebia places great importance on a sustainable approach. We strive to minimize our environmental impact by using technologies and processes that reduce energy consumption and harmful emissions. We offer products that are also designed to enable efficient drainage of rainwater, contributing to the sustainable management of water in urban spaces.

© Pebia

Cooperation with architects and designers

Pebia actively cooperates with architects and designers to provide them not only with high-quality paving blocks, but also with support and advice on projects. Our experts are available to help select the right designs, colors and sizes of pavers to suit specific architectural needs and visions.



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Offer for individual clients

Pebia paving blocks are not only perfect for public spaces, but also for paving around the house, for private investors. Whether you are planning to create an elegant driveway, a charming terrace or a harmonious garden, Pebia paving stones will provide you not only with an aesthetic appearance, but also durability and functionality.

Bari Mogano, palisada Endum, palisada Trio Brąz, blok schodowy Grafit, Universum Autunno

Bari Mogano, Endum palisade, Trio Bronze palisade, Graphite stair block, Universum Autunno

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Professional advice

We are aware that designing and choosing the right paving blocks can be challenging. That's why we offer our customers professional advice to help them make the best decisions. Our experienced designers are ready to assist you in selecting the right designs, colors and formats of pavers so that you can create the space of your dreams.

Novisan kolor Freddo

Novisan color Freddo

© Pebia


Our offer is flexible and adaptable to different customer needs and preferences. Whether you are a private investor who wants to create an attractive pavement around your home or an architect who is designing a public space, Pebia has the right solutions for you. Our team of specialists can help you select the right products and support you at every stage of your project.

Universum kolor CALDO

Universum color CALDO

© Pebia

If you are interested in our range of Pebia pavers, please visit our website There you will find full information about our products, a gallery of realizations, inspirations and contact information to consult your needs with our team. Take advantage of our experience and quality to create a space around your home that is not only beautiful and durable, but also meets your expectations in terms of functionality and convenience.

Pebia - it's a deal with us!

For more information, visit the company's PEBIA | PBI Beton Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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