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Eglo Poland - professional supplier of lighting systems

30 of November '23

Discover the world of EGLO, where design is just the introduction! We are leaders in the lighting industry, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Our passion for creating unique solutions is limitless - we don't just provide lamps, we create complex experiences, transforming living spaces into something special.

Salon oświetleniowy ul. Dźwiękowa 2, 02-857 Warszawa

Lighting showroom ul. Dźwiękowa 2, 02-857 Warsaw


EGLO is proudly looking to the future, bringing unquenchable optimism. Our cutting-edge lighting solutions are transforming the reality of customers around the world. It's not just products - it's an experience, inviting you to visit EGLO World of Lights showrooms. There, light becomes art, and expert teams help you find the perfect solutions to fit your needs.

The company continues to grow at high speed increasing the number of employees, sales outlets, production facilities and subsidiaries around the world. Thinking ahead, EGLO is committed to sustainability.

Oprawy oświetleniowe dekoracyjne

Decorative lighting fixtures


EGLO is not just a brand - it's an invitation to explore new dimensions of lighting. Our lamps don't just shine - they tell stories, add charm and create an atmosphere where you discover your own light. Ready for a journey through the world of light and design with EGLO, where the past inspires the future and each look opens up new possibilities?

EGLO Living is a manifestation of style and elegance. It's not just lamps - it's textiles, vases, mirrors and unique furniture, giving soul to your interior. From the subtle combination of brass and black in the Brass Chic collection, to the timeless beauty in Classy Elegance, to the natural charm of BOHO style in Nature - discover the variety of design motifs. Our collections are a journey through the universe of design, full of variety and originality that accompanies us at every turn. Discover the endless passion for design in Nordic Harmony or Colorful World, inspiring new arrangements.

Dekoracje i małe meble - EGLO LIVING

Decorations and small furniture - EGLO LIVING


EGLO PROFESSIONAL - light at the highest technical level. As an established professional supplier of lighting systems, we offer customized solutions for the most demanding customer. Find out more:

EGLO Living is more than products - it's a philosophy of life. Let our lamps and accessories illuminate your interior, combining the latest trends with classic elegance. Every detail matters in creating the perfect atmosphere. With EGLO, your home becomes a place where light is art.

Siedziba główna, Austria

Headquarters, Austria


Our mission is not just about excellent products. At EGLO, we strive for innovation and sustainability, constantly improving our solutions. We follow and create trends, combining modern technology with design vision. Our commitment to creating energy-efficient, eco-friendly products is a key part of our philosophy.

We want to provide the best products at the best price - we invite you to check out our wide range of products. We are open to cooperation with designers and architects - we invite you to visit our stores and establish contacts.

Salon oświetleniowy ul. Radzymińska 328, 05-091 Warszawa

Lighting showroom 328 Radzymińska street, 05-091 Warsaw


Our stores in Warsaw:

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