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Neoheat heat pumps - eco-friendly heating, cooling and hot water heating

05 of December '22

Good brand

Neoheat are heat pumps of the highest quality. That's why in 2020 they joined the group of winners awarded with the title of Good Brand - Quality, Trust, Reputation! The devices are increasingly popular among installers, thanks to their easy installation and trouble-free performance. The high energy efficiency class of Neoheat heat pumps makes it possible to obtain subsidies from subsidy programs such as Clean Air or Agroenergy.

Neoheat Eko MONO na R290 to ekologiczna pompa ciepła, którą cechuje bardzo cicha praca

Neoheat Eko MONO on R290 is an ecological heat pump, which is characterized by very quiet operation


Energy from nature!

Heat pumps are economical yet ecological heat sources that are gaining popularity in Poland. The devices work efficiently throughout the year, providing complete heating of the building, cooling in summer, and year-round water heating.

Dedykowana pompa ciepła Neoheat Pool do podgrzewania temperatury wody w basenie

Dedicated Neoheat Pool heat pump for heating pool water temperature


Eco-friendly heating, cooling and hot water heating

The heat pump is a device that uses Renewable Energy Sources, so that the entire system needs only 1 kW of electricity to produce 3 to 5 kW. It is a completely emission-free system, and is compatible with photovoltaic installation.

Pompy ciepła Neoheat do domów jednorodzinnych, powierzchni komercyjnych i basenów

Neoheat heat pumps for single-family homes, commercial spaces and swimming pools


A heat pump for every type of investment

Neoheat heat pumps are dedicated to single-family homes, multi-family buildings and large commercial areas. Selected models are dedicated to maintaining a comfortable temperature of swimming pool water.

Pompy ciepła typu Split idealnie nadają się do zabudowy

Split type heat pumps are ideal for built-in



Neoheat offers both split models, consisting of an indoor and outdoor unit, as well as monoblock, which is a hermetically sealed system in a single unit that is mounted outside. The units come with up to a five-year warranty.
- Split heat pumps without a DHW tank
- Split type heat pumps with built-in DHW tank
- Monoblock heat pumps with hydraulic module
- Monoblock type heat pumps

Energia z natury

Energy from nature


Unit features:
- WI-FI control
- Possibility to control two heat circuits with the possibility of precise temperature setting separately on each consumer.
- Possibility to set the holiday mode.

Energia z natury

Energy from nature


For more information, visit the company's IGLOTECH Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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