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Rawlplug services - your help in designing building fixings

13 of December '21

When John Joseph Rawlings patented the world's first dowel in 1919, he revolutionized the construction industry, making a permanent mark on its history. His discovery was at the same time the beginning of the history of the brand, which over the past 100 years has introduced successive innovations and consistently established itself as a global leader and undisputed expert in the field of fasteners, tools and power tools.

The brand's extensive portfolio consists of several broad product groups: power tools and power tool accessories, hand tools, hand and direct installation techniques, lightweight fixings, mechanical anchors, screw anchors, facade and flat roof thermal insulation fixings, foams, sealants and screws. Each product comes in several or even dozens of variants, appropriate to the specific type of substrate, application requirements or installation conditions. Each is offered with specialized accessories, creating a complete system.

Pomoc w pracy

Helping the designer's work


Tools for designers

Rawlplug is made up of experts who know the realities of the construction industry well. Close cooperation with customers has resulted in the creation of 4 proprietary applications that save time and speed up the design process. When developing each of the tools for designers, Rawlplug developers and engineers were guided mainly by the goal of providing designers with professional solutions that take over specific processes and make their daily work simpler. The role of the services in terms of minimizing the risk of error and thus ensuring the highest safety standards of the fastenings used cannot be overestimated either - the automatic calculation process not only takes the designer's work out of his hands, but also does not make any, even accidental, mistake. Get acquainted with all the design tools that, complementing each other's functionalities, form a complementary portfolio of Rawlplug services:


EasyFix - a free application that allows you to perform design calculations for the implementation of the necessary fastenings of various types of elements in construction using Rawlplug products. It covers the key scopes of activities from the point of view of designers and contractors: fixing of elements in concrete and masonry substrates; fixing of insulation and waterproofing on flat roofs and thermal insulation on facades in ETICS systems; insertion of reinforcing bars in reinforced concrete technology. Specific specialized modules dedicated to particular segments of execution work are used to carry out calculations in the various scopes. Each of them has specific features that allow the realization of fast, precise and useful calculations taking into account the specifics of a given scope of work: PLATE, BALUSTRATION, REINSULATION, ROOF and MASSAGE.


EasyFix software


The PLATE module allows optimum selection of inlaid and mechanical anchors for concrete substrate; the BALUSTRADE module provides optimum selection of inlaid and mechanical anchors for fixing balustrades in concrete substrate; the REINFORCEMENT module allows easy design of both reinforcement bracing with rebar anddeep anchorage of rebar; the ROOF module guarantees optimal selection of fasteners for fixing insulation on flat roofs to concrete, steel and wood substrates; the FASADE module is used for optimal selection of mechanical fasteners for fixing insulation on masonry and concrete walls.

Each thematic module allows real-time calculations, giving the user unlimited possibilities to adapt fasteners and fastened elements to the real needs of the moment. Working with the latest EAD, ETAG and Eurocode guidelines ensures calculations are compliant, precise and of the highest utility. EasyFix automatically provides fast, precise and useful calculations that take into account the individual nature of the scope of work and the latest standards. The application supports troubleshooting of problems that may occur in subsequent stages of project work.

What's more, the EasyFix application is integrated with Rawlplug's BIM program - another tool for designers, with a comprehensive portfolio of Rawlplug-branded models, technical drawings and fastener documentation ready for automatic use in a BIM/CAD design environment.

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EasyFix in questions and answers

Aplikacja do
pobierania i umieszczania w projektach modeli i rysunków technicznych zamocowań.

Application for downloading and inserting models and technical drawings of fastenings into projects


BIM Rawlplug

BIM Rawlplug is a proprietary application for downloading and inserting models and technical drawings of Rawlplug fastenings into projects. It contains comprehensive product data to facilitate design decisions. Models and drawings are available in 2D and 3D variants, 6 projections and 360 view. It is possible to use the online version or download to a BIM/CAD design environment. The service is offered free of charge. Using Rawlplug's BIM, you will find the complete documentation of the brand's products in one comprehensive technical library, giving you instant access to full knowledge of them, thus affecting the speed and efficiency of the design process. What's more, Rawlplug's BIM integration with the renowned Revit design software allows you to implement models from the library directly into your project.

The data contained in Rawlplug's BIM software covers two areas: models, technical drawings and fastener projections, as well as tens of thousands of information, documents and technical parameters of products that are crucial to the execution of design tasks, regardless of the scale of the project.

Rawlplug's BIM covers as many as 37 product subgroups, which means access to information for more than 700 products, and thus more than 30,000 models and technical drawings. Each product is available in 6 views: isometric and front, rear, top, bottom and side views. They can also be viewed in magnification, and what's more, the products can also be seen in 360 view, and the automatic rotation of the model can be stopped at any time, changed manually or scaled as desired.

Depending on the product group, technical information is divided into specific categories of information. The way the model is presented in different variants and convenient, intuitive navigation allows you to move freely, quickly and efficiently from any view you need at the moment.

With such wide-ranging capabilities, BIM Rawlplug has simultaneously maintained an intuitive, user-friendly interface and search method. What sets the BIM Rawlplug app apart, among other things, is that each product is accompanied by a range of information unique to it, both marketing and technical, in a clear, user-friendly and useful form.

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Download the Plag-in Revit plug-in

Rawlplug tworzą eksperci dobrze znający realia branży budowlanej.

Rawlplug is made up of experts well versed in the realities of the construction industry


Product Selector

The Rawlplug Product Selector is a tool that supports the proper selection of a product for an application. It contains a number of convenient, destination-critical product browsing options: the full portfolio in terms of each product category or using specific filters, such as substrate, application, approvals and certifications, materials and coatings, environmental conditions or new products on offer.

Each product is described in a clear and structured manner. In addition to useful facts such as application information, type of possible applications and benefits of use, the presentation includes instructional videos and installation tips, complete installation data, models and technical drawings, access to a comprehensive Technical Library, description of mechanical properties, possible edge distances for installation, but also a list of related products.

From the Product Selector, you can send an inquiry about the availability or features of a specific product, but also put it on the clipboard to later send an inquiry about a group of selected products.

View the Rawlplug Product Selector

Technical Library

The Rawlplug Technical Library is an opportunity to use 5 categories of information and documents necessary for the correct selection and use of specialized Rawlplug products. Just enter the name of the product you are interested in and the search results will list all the technical documents available for it.

Rawlplug Technical Library

Profesjonalne rozwiązania przejmujące określone procesy przy tworzeniu projektów

Professional solutions that take over specific processes when creating projects


For more information, visit the company 's Rawlplug S.A. page on thePdA portal.

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