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PERFODESIGN perforated sheets - modern solutions for architects

02 of December '22

Modern solutions
in construction created by architectural offices are a challenge for us. We take a fresh look at construction, or "modern design," from the design phase into a real product. Our products have been used in projects such as: Ergo Arena, Cracovia Stadium, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Chopin Airport and Warsaw Central Station. The most recently completed projects are the Green Wings office building and the second line of the Metro. A particularly prestigious project was the ERGO ARENA sports hall mentioned above.

Elewacja biurowca
Green Wings

Elevation of the Green Wings office building


The applied facade had to meet a number of security and aesthetic requirements. Perfopol decided to implement, having optimized the type of perforation and prepared in terms of technology (specialized perforation tool). The final result is phenomenal, and the building itself has been hailed as the prettiest in Poland. Expanded mesh is also used as an element of the facade with great success. Such a solution was chosen in the case of replacing the facade of one of the buildings of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan.

Sufity podwieszane –
Dworzec Centralny Warszawa

Suspended ceilings - Warsaw Central Railway Station


Among the wide range of products in our offer for the application in question, please pay attention to: Perforated sheets - this is our flagship product, on the basis of which a number of components used, among others, in the industrial construction sector are made. These can be elements that are invisible from the perspective of the final customer (a technological requirement for use due to, for example, acoustic, soundproofing issues), or exposed, decorative systems for facades, balustrades, coffers, ceilings, etc. Facilities such as industrial halls or public buildings are units for which perforated and then often also trapezoidal metal sheets are required as self-supporting roofing or wall cladding. We particularly emphasize our company's ability to perforate sheets in coils up to 1600 mm wide.

Elewacja z siatki

Expanded mesh facade


Expanded metal mesh - is another product commonly used in construction. It is a substitute for perforated metal sheets, the choice between these products is more in the nature of compatibility with the decor of the environment (both products comparably fulfill their task in terms of functionality). We have a production line with a batch width of up to 1500 mm and the ability to process sheets up to 5 mm thick. A very important parameter in the selection of expanded metal is the so-called bridge (mesh binding) - depending on the application, we offer meshes with a bridge of up to 25 mm.

For more information, visit the company's PERFODESIGN | PPUH Perfopol Sp. z o.o. page on the PDA portal.

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