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Design LED lighting more efficiently - SmartCLO technology in Miloo Lighting fixtures

01 of September '20

Innovations of a Polish LED lighting brand
From the series "Modern lighting - trends 2020"

MILOO LIGHTING is a brand of led lighting from a Polish manufacturer of lighting fixtures and electronics, MILOO-ELECTRONICS Sp. z o. o. In existence since 2002, it offers comprehensive solutions for industrial facilities, hospitals, the retail sector and street/road lighting.

The brand has been applying a number of innovations to its products - such as a proprietary, patented sequential power supply system or PushDIM technology that allows theconstruction of simple and economical luminaire control systems for changing light intensity. Its products are already fully compatible with any control system based on the DALI protocol as standard, and can work with HCL(Human Centric Lighting) class systems. Another innovation implemented is SmartCLO. Get to know its advantages.

Oświeltenie LED MILOO

LED lighting in various fixtures


SmartCLO from MILOO LIGHTING - a new standard for the power retention factor

When designing lighting for a project, using standard luminaires with LED technology, an excess power of up to 20% is assumed for them, defining it as the so-called "stock factor" or "retention factor." It is intended to compensate for the natural loss of luminous flux of the luminaire progressing with its operation. The SmartCLO innovation from MILOO LIGHTING eliminates the need to assume this surplus, which allows the investor to make significant savings just by using luminaires with just this innovative technology.

The CLO parameter itself is well known to lighting designers, but unlike standard solutions on the market, the innovation implemented in MILOO LIGHTING's products is much more advanced: it uses a 32-bit microprocessor that controls the operation of the LED power supply to monitor a number of important parameters such as the operating time of the luminaire, its power and temperature, and the temperature of the environment in which it is located. Based on this data and advanced algorithmic models, the actual loss of luminous flux for a given luminaire is determined, while standard CLO solutions are based on only one parameter: operating time. This is a significant difference, allowing the design process to fully justify the adoption of a maintenance factor of 0.95-0.98, depending on the luminaire model and their operating conditions, instead of the standard value of 0.8.

What does this mean in practice? A lower cost of purchasing luminaires and a shorter payback time for the lighting system.

For more information, visit the company's MILOO-ELECTRONICS sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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