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Above-ground racked swimming pools

25 of November '19

Piscine Laghetto

The Piscine Laghetto company is a pioneer in the technology of above-ground racked pools. The oldest pool was built in 1974, and since then there has been further development of both the company's offerings and the product itself. Today the factory is part of the Fluidra concern, and Laghetto's frame pools bear the AstralPool logo.
The most interesting product of Laghetto by AstralPool are the frame pools produced in any size - the classic line. The smallest is 1.56 × 1.56 m, while the largest ever produced is as large as 33 × 90 m!

Ease of installation and operation

Laghetto by AstralPool frame pools have many different applications around the world. The most typical, of course, is the use of the pool as a summer municipal swimming pool. Such facilities have been operating without problems for years, including in many places in Poland. In winter, the pool can be folded and stored in a warehouse or left to freeze. Its flexible design makes it possible to compensate for the volume of ice that appears.

Another of the obvious uses is to place it, for example, on the beach and use it for swimming or sports activities. The mounting structure of the pool is so simple and easy to install that it is no problem to set it up even on the street or other level ground.

The assembly time of the pool including technological installation is a few or several days, depending on the size of the basin. Rack pools are not pools permanently fixed to the ground, so there is no need to obtain a construction permit.

The water treatment technology resembles that used in fixed pools, however, due to the type of pool, the filters are not subject to such strict requirements.

Custom applications

The film used in Laghetto by AstralPool pools is very durable, so the product can be useful in many non-standard applications. Some of these non-standard cases are shown in the photos.

Thanks to the properties of the product described above, there is no risk of accidental damage, even when used as a pool for extreme water sports, including with the active participation of animals.

One of the most amazing applications is the use of the 5 × 50 m pool as a helipad in Hawaii.

Functional and robust design

Laghetto by AstralPool frame pools consist of the following components:

  • frame - made of hot-galvanized steel, additionally powder-coated. Very often this frame is equipped with lower supports to stabilize the structure. Another function of the supports is to protect the pool merging straps from damage;
  • pool foil - very durable, made of PVC-coated polyester coating with a thickness of 850 g/m2, with a tensile strength of 300 kg / 5 cm. The film is made in accordance with the guidelines of DIN 53354 and additionally protected to reduce aging of the material;
  • the equipment of the basin - where the exchange of water is carried out through special patented 360oC skimmers, allowing to draw water from the pool with the entire surface of the skimmer. These skimmers are equipped with baskets pre-catching, larger pool debris. The inflow of treated water is realized by special nozzles placed in the lower part of the pool wall. In addition, at the request of the customer, the pool can be equipped with LED lighting;
  • treatment system - as mentioned in the earlier part of the article - the treatment of pool water is carried out on the same principles as in stationary pools. The most suitable filters for working with racked pools are filter batteries with the appropriate capacity for the application. The most popular filters in these applications are Atlas filters, in cooperation with Victoria Plus Silent pumps. Control of chemical water treatment is, of course, done with a full control and chemical dosing station. For tanks that are not swimming pools, it is of course permissible to use dosing sluices or other chemical dosing devices;
  • piping - which is supplied together with the pool. Made of high quality PVC and connected to skimmers and jets using threaded connections;
  • a special Laghetto ladder with a safety system - which has a special safety feature that prevents young children from uncontrolled entry into the pool.

As written above - Laghetto pools and tank by AstralPool can be made in practically any size in four depths - 0.6 m, 1.0 m, 1.2 or 1.4 m.

Professional Laghetto pools are a solution that has been in operation since 2011 at MOSiR Torun and many other places. They last for many years and represent a relatively low investment cost.

We invite you to contact us and learn more about the full offer of Laghetto by AstralPool.

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