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High-end sunshades from the exclusive German brand WAREMA Renkhoff

05 of December '22

Since 1991, TOMASZ JASIEÑSKI Ltd. has been the main distributor of high-end sun shades (blinds, awnings, pergolas and control automation) of the exclusive German brand WAREMA Renkhoff.

Żaluzje fasadowe
i markiza kasetowa Warema Terrea K70

Warema Terrea K70 facade blinds and cassette awning


These are custom-designed products with attention to the highest quality, originality and prestigious effect. The company also offers expert advice, so you can be sure that the solutions worked out together will provide high comfort, time savings and enjoyment.

Rolety wewnętrzne

Interior roller blinds WAREMA


In our offer you will find:

- External facade moving blinds
They are the ideal shading solution for those who want to design a smart, energy-efficient building. Their most important advantage is that you can adjust the slats at any angle, they provide adequate illumination to suit any time of day. They can be operated in such a way as to let light into the interior, while blocking unwanted glances from the outside and protecting the interiors from heating.

Żaluzje fasadowe
skośne i pergola lamelowa Warema Lamaxa L70

Warema Lamaxa L70 slanted facade blinds and lamellar pergola


- Terrace awnings
Thanks to Warema terrace awnings, it is possible to comfortably enjoy your own terrace, balcony or garden on hot days. The well-thought-out design of this outdoor cover allows you to enjoy both the sun's rays and pleasant shade, while ensuring discretion. What's more, shading cassette awnings come in many variants and finishes, meeting the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Markiza kasetowa
Warema Terrea K70

Warema Terrea K70 cassette awning


- ZIP window awnings
Modern exterior window coverings are not only effective protection from excessive sunlight, but also care about functionality, arrangement and modern design, perfectly matching the infrastructure of the building (including office).
- Fabric and slatted pergolas
Pergolas are aluminum terrace structures that combine simplicity, durability and comfort of use through the use of state-of-the-art technological solutions. The main task of this type of roofing is to protect terrace users from excessive sunlight and rainfall, and even snow (in selected types).

Pergola materiałowa
Warema Perrea P60

Warema Perrea P60 fabric pergola


Selected reference objects:

MTU Aero Engines office building in Jasionka: external blinds 550m2, vertical blinds (vertikals)
DURR Poland office building in Radom: external blinds 102m2
SIEMENS office building in Warsaw: external blinds 1830 m2
Dom Development apartments Jana III Sobieskiego street in Warsaw: terrace awnings in recess 7 units
Hillwood Distribution Center Zalando in Olsztyn: external blinds 374 m2.

For more information, visit the company's Tomasz Jasieński Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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