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Sunshades that create a one-of-a-kind interior atmosphere

29 of December '20

ANWIS is a leading manufacturer of a full range of sunscreens, which are delivered to customers in more than 40 countries around the world. ANWIS products are distinguished by attention to functionality and design, the use of the latest materials, and the implementation of customized designs.

This gives full comfort and unlimited arrangement possibilities. Interesting design combined with special attention to functionality, as well as the use of advanced production technology make up the uniqueness of ANWIS products. The quality of ANWIS is confirmed by the ISO 9001:2015 standard, as well as the attestations, certificates and numerous awards and distinctions granted, such as: Enterprise Fair Play, Business Gazelles, Polish Business Leader, Brand Leader.


  • Interior blinds: 25, 50 and 70 mm wooden blinds, 50 mm bamboo blinds, 16, 25 and 50 mm aluminum blinds, vertical blinds, fabric roller blinds in cassette andfree-hanging (including for roof windows), pleated blinds (including for roof windows), Roman blinds, curtains and panel trac (panel curtains).
  • Exteriorshades: external blinds - facade, flush-mounted, window blinds, screen blinds, facade blinds and mosquito nets.

Żaluzja drewniana 50
mm © ANWIS

Wooden blind 50 mm



  • Wooden and bamboo blinds
    They are a unique combination of elegance and comfort of use. Due to the wood and bamboo used in their production, they create a unique interior atmosphere. They are characterized by smooth control, durability of workmanship and freedom in the choice of colors and finishing elements. They fit perfectly into modern and traditional spaces. XL wooden blinds allow you to make a product up to 3,6 m long.
  • Evie pleated blind
    Is distinguished by its modern design. Specially designed shape of the profiles, provides perfect adhesion of the blinds, among other things, to semi-circular glazing bars. The construction of the blinds by reinforcing the interlacing of the guide strings and the use of metal sliders, ensures long and trouble-free use of the product. A specialself-leveling system prevents the fabric from skewing in the light of the glass, and the practical design of the mounting feet allows easy installation and removal of the pleated blind (by sliding it off the catches).
  • Two-way aluminum blind Juun
    The blind consists of 25 mm wide aluminum strips, distributed on a string ladder, mounted directly to the upper and lower shafts. Each of them can be controlled up and down , which allows to cover any part of the window pane. The top roller is additionally responsible for the rotation of the slats. This is a unique combination of an aluminum blind system and control available so far in pleated blinds.
    The Juun aluminum blind received the main prize during the 26th edition of the Good Design competition in the Home Sphere category.


  • Façade blinds
    Are a modern, ergonomic and elegant product, mounted on the outside of the building facade. Façade blinds strike a balance between sunlight, degree of shading, sound insulation and minimal interior heating (no ventilation required). Mounting of external blinds - either to the window frame, facade structure or directly to the wall.
  • NEW! SOLIDBOX facade blind
    The main feature of blinds in the SOLIDBOX system is the ability to freely build the cassette and guides under the outer layer of insulation, such as Styrofoam. Such a method of installation allows you to finish the facade in such a way that none of the elements of the blinds - except for the decorative lamellas - does not interfere with the coherent appearance of the building.

Żaluzja zewnętrzna
podtynkowa SOLIDBOX © ANWIS

SOLIDBOX flush-mounted outdoor blind


  • External blinds
    They perfectly protect the interior from the sun, cold and noise. The lowered armor of the roller shutter, equipped with special locks and an alarm, effectively improves the security of houses and low-lying apartments. Exterior roller shutters can be mounted in the lintel, on the window frame or on the facade.
  • External roller shutters SCREEN
    The Screen exterior roller shutter system is distinguished by its innovative design. Its characteristic element is the side guides, integrated with the fabric (ZIP system), made of fiberglass and PVC. This makes it extremely durable and resistant to weather conditions, such as gusty winds, hail or rain. The lowered blind also blocks insects and dirt from entering the premises. It is perfect not only for windows - it can be installed in gazebos, verandas or on the balcony.
  • Mosquito nets
    They protect interiors from insects and dirt. They fit any type of window, including those with non-standard shapes. The use of mosquito nets in no way interferes with the work of interior and exterior window coverings. Mosquito nets are resistant to weather conditions, including rain and UV radiation, which guarantees durability for many years of use.

For more information, visit the company's ANWIS Spółka z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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