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Unique solution in the design of a new category of transparent facades and walls

08 of December '22

A unique solution in designing a new category of transparent facades and walls using MOA SCREEN systems.

Transparent facade systems are an innovative solution in the form of large-area matrices built using modular rope link technology. A modular rope link is created by a pair of ropes that wrap around a ring and are connected below with a collet. A variety of profiles are inserted into these links, ranging from LED profiles as in the case of a media facade, to steel, aluminum or plastic profiles, creating an aesthetically pleasing transparent facade or unique interior design every time.




MOA screen systems have unlimited possibilities for creating facade surfaces, and their modern form allows them to adapt to almost any façade. The technology has been designed especially for existing facades and newly constructed buildings, as well as for the arrangement of representative spaces, giving them a prestigious character.

Thanks to the properties of the innovative weave of stainless steel ropes in the form of strength and durability, aesthetic appearance, flexibility and elasticity, it is possible to build almost unlimited uniform surfaces without any connections.

Architektura ogrodowa

Garden architecture


Installation is done very simply by hanging the chains, sliding the profiles in and stretching the system. Servicing is done by sliding out the defective profile and replacing it with a new one, without dismantling the entire system.

Applications: facades and elevations, media facades, partitions, partitions, dividers, balustrades, ventilation system covers, design of representative spaces, lounge rooms, showrooms, exhibition stands, balustrades, pergolas, garden architecture.

We encourage you to take a look at our catalog:





Patented technology

Thanks to the patented modular rope link technology, we have achieved a unique system distinguished by its simplicity of installation and use.

Simple installation

MOA screen facade systems are very easy to install. They require at least one suspension point or two points between which the system is mounted. Simply attach the chain to the ceiling or wall using the recommended fasteners, insert the profiles into the chain's eyelets and tension.

MOA screen

MOA screen


Unlimited possibilities

Possibility of any configuration of material types, surface finishes, resolution and profile shapes.

Unique design

At the heart of the MOA screen system is MOA 's heavy-duty chain in the form of a patented modular rope link.

DIAMOND screen

DIAMOND screen



Thanks to the possibility of using different types of profiles, we obtain a uniform, unrestricted and aesthetic facade surface, with no visible connections.

Visual variability

A facade made from the MOA screen system becomes increasingly transparent as the distance decreases. This is related to the viewing angle, which decreases in direct proportion to the distance, so that the degree of transparency becomes smaller and smaller until the MOA screen system completely covers the facade.

ALU screen

ALU screen



MOA screen systems can be adjusted from 30% to 90% transparency. Different levels of transparency are achieved by increasing or decreasing profiles and the distance between profiles.

Protection from the sun

MOA systems provide effective protection from the sun by creating shading and natural ventilation for the facade.

STEEL screen

STEEL screen


Resistance to outdoor conditions

Thanks to the special properties of the 7x19 stainless steel cable arrangement of the structure, we obtain very high durability of the facade system giving a guarantee of 10 years.

For more information, please visit the company page MOA SCREEN on the PdA portal.

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