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The way to a unique facade - stylized clinker tiles. Elegance for decades!

11 of May '21

Multicolored clinker tiles in modern designs - aesthetics and unparalleled durability.

The origins of Klinkier Przysucha date back to 1972. Since then, based on tradition and based on modern technologies, we have been consistently moving into the future, creating products that meet the tastes of even the most demanding customers. Klinkier Przysucha products are characterized by the highest quality, high technical parameters and incredible elegance. With the opening of an ultra-modern factory in December 2013, completely new possibilities also opened up for us, allowing us not only to create peculiar colors of clinker tiles but much more, to interfere with the structure of their face.

In order to satisfy the needs of our customers as much as possible, allowing us to maintain stylistic accuracy in a variety of concepts, we have created a whole range of products that form a unique and aesthetically consistent system. Thus, in our offer you can find: façade tiles, stairs, window sills, canopies and fittings in many formats and colors. Thus, you can successfully create a project in a consistent clinker climate and, depending on the architectural objectives, achieve a perfect harmony of colors or a color contrast effect.

Płytki klinkierowe Klinkier Przysucha

The offer of Klinkier Przysucha clinker tiles includes four collections. Each of them is unique and differs significantly from the others:

  • King Size - a proposition for those who appreciate an unusual style, who like to break the routine. They are distinguished by a much larger size than traditional formats (490×52 mm).

  • Dream House is made up of tiles in basic, classic colors, which perfectly harmonize with the simple and smooth structure of the face. Timeless elegance and originality are its definite appeal.

  • Old Castle is our latest discovery, which brings together tiles with an irregular, fluted structure. Unique color combinations, interesting melanges and uniqueness of each of them, are a guarantee of obtaining an original and sophisticated effect.

  • Free Art is an open collection that brings together unconventional projects, which are the product of an imagination working at top speed. Full of expression, determination and energetic tones, it is perfect for bold projects.

Klinkier Przysucha products are dedicated to projects, the task of which is not limited to the creation of space whether residential or office, but also positively affect the aesthetic experience of the recipients. They are the picture of superior durability, quality and aesthetics and synonymous with an apt long-term investment.

For more information, visit the company's KING KLINKER S.A. page on the A&B portal.

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