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What are the latest sheet metal designs that are at the forefront of the latest trends?

02 of December '21

Founded 35 years ago, Blachy Pruszyñski currently brings together more than 20 entities that operate in the country, as well as abroad in countries such as the Czech Republic, Romania, Germany and Hungary and Ukraine. Systematic sales growth has guaranteed a leading position in the roofing and facade market. Important, from the point of view of business strategy, was the decision to enter the sector of products for large-scale construction.

Dom jednorodzinny
z blachodachówką RUBIN

A single-family house with RUBIN metal roofing tiles

© Blachy Pruszyñski

Blachy Pruszyński - from tradition to modern minimalism

Elements such as sandwich panels, cold-formed profiles or facade coffers are used in warehouse halls, industrial plants or public buildings. Thanks to this, the assortment offered by the company is extremely diverse. An extensive machinery park allows the company to produce non-standard products to individual customer orders. This type of flexibility ensures great interest from the largest investors and contractors in Poland.

 Dom jednorodzinny
w Rytwianach – blachodachówka panelowa MODUS

Single-family house in Rytwiana - MODUS panel roofing tile

© Blachy Pruszyński

What are the latest sheet metal tile designs that are at the forefront of the latest trends?

Tile roofing is a lightweight roofing material that works well on any type of roof - from gabled to multi-pitched, as well as on a new building or a renovated one. Currently, the most popular are still the definite, modern shapes, associated with Scandinavian design. Blachy Pruszyński recommends, among the flat embossments, the FLAT panel tile. The almost flat surface will create a delicate drawing on the roof, so you get a modern and elegant roofing. A good solution will also be the use of roofing panels ON THE FLAT. Modern latch locks speed up the installation process and ensure secure fastening.

 Panel dachowy NA
RĄBEK na dachu domu jednorodzinnego w Rumunii

NA RĄBEK roof panel on the roof of a single-family house in Romania.

© Blachy Pruszyñski

New to the company is the FIORD panel roofing tile. It is characterized by an interesting embossing - decisive and high semicircular protrusions interact with flat gaps to create a Scandinavian-style drawing on the roof. However, the covering in these areas is not completely flat - it has fine, longitudinal tabs that improve the rigidity of the entire panel. This type of reinforcing embossing increases the panels' resistance to deformation due to large temperature differences or trauma during installation.

How do the colors relate to protective coatings? What are the warranty periods?

Every sheet metal roofing should be protected with a decorative-protective coating. Its main function is to prevent corrosion of the steel core. Coatings differ in composition and are most often polyesters, polyurethanes or a combination of both materials, which is often called a hybrid coating. Blachy Pruszyński offers PREMIUM coatings, among which we find PURMAT and PURLAK polyurethanes and PURMAX hybrid coating. The coatings are extremely durable, so you get a very long aesthetic warranty on them (PURMAT and PURLAK up to 30 years).

Dom typu „Stodoła” w Bystrzycy – panel dachowy NA RĄBEK

The "Barn" type house in Bystrzyca - roof panel ON THE RANGE

© Blachy Pruszyñski

A novelty is TOPMAT polyester coating with an aesthetic guarantee of up to 20 years. The coarse-grained, matte layer is designed for panel roof tiles. It has higher resistance to micro-cracking and delamination than previous polyesters. The high coating system provides 20% more resistance to discoloration and corrosion.

For more information, visit the company's BLACHY PRUSZYŃSKI page on the PdA portal.

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