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Fittings, accessories and system solutions for CDA tempered glass

07 of December '21

Existing for 18 years, CDA Polska is one of Europe's leading manufacturers and distributors of fittings, accessories and system solutions for tempered glass.

The brand's products, supplied to more than a dozen countries around the world, are manufactured in accordance with Polish and EU regulations, which is confirmed by the B or CE construction marks. Modernity and reliability in action have brought CDA Polska numerous awards and distinctions for the highest quality of products and standards of business conduct.

Company offer

The comprehensive solutions offered by the company make it possible to create various types of glazing - from shower enclosures, partition walls, sliding systems - through balustrades, canopies and sheds, to facades or all-glass doors.

Akcesoria do kabin
prysznicowych LINEA ORO DOCCIA

Accessories for shower cabins LINEA ORO DOCCIA


An example of a complementary approach to the created systems are the Viterbo and Victoria collections - aluminum profiles that bring harmony to interiors, characterized by functionality and aesthetics. They allow the arrangement of a wide range of solutions, meeting the needs of the most demanding customers and designers, especially lovers of minimalist style.

Sliding systems

In CDA Polska's wide range of sliding systems, you will find solutions tailored to rooms with different purposes, as well as to bathrooms of any layout and size. The Terno, Ragusa, Verona, Trieste and Napoli series are product lines with which we can successfully replace traditional doors or separate spaces in a home, office building, art gallery or even an airport.


In the spirit of the latest architectural trends, the company has improved the point fixings from its proprietary Piemonte series. Now the glass fixing element has been hidden under a decorative cover, and rotula adjustment is also possible from the front. This ensures precise and comfortable installation, for example, of a staircase balustrade.

Mocowania punktowe

PIEMONTE point fixings


Listening to customer feedback, CDA Polska regularly introduces new unique solutions, such as - recently presented - a series of fittings for shower enclosures in gold finish Linea Oro Doccia, for customers wishing to create unique, luxurious interiors.

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For more information, visit the company's CDA BUFAB page on the PdA portal.

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