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Hardware and accessories for tempered glass - comprehensive solutions from CDA

18 of December '20

CDA Polska is a manufacturer and distributor of hardware and accessories for tempered glass. The products offered by the company are comprehensive and complementary solutions that make it possible to manufacture various types of glazing, such as shower enclosures, partition walls, sliding systems, SLF-type folding-sliding systems, balustrades, canopies and sheds, facades or all-glass doors.

CDA Poland has been on the market for more than 16 years, supplying fixings not only in Poland, but also abroad, including Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic and Norway. All products are manufactured in accordance with Polish and EU regulations and carry the appropriate marking in the form of the B or CE construction mark.

System przesuwny Terno
Vetro Diva © CDA POLSKA

Terno Vetro Diva sliding system


The company can boast, currently the largest offer on the Polish market, of sliding systems for tempered glass. The use of modern and patented Fluid Damper cushioning systems and many innovative solutions make sliding systems safe and pleasant to use.

Every year, new solutions appear in CDA Polska's offer. One of them is the Victoria muntin bars of the Linea Nera series, which can be mounted on the door in the frame, or on the door of the sliding system, so that the door leaf creates a coherent, unified design with the fixed side panels.

In addition to modern and elegant black, the Linea Oro Doccia series of gold bathroom fittings has also been introduced for customers wishing to create unique, luxurious interiors.

Okucia do kabin
prysznicowych Linea Nera Doccia © CDA POLSKA

Linea Nera Doccia shower cabin fittings


We should also remind you of the offer of mullion balustrades and self-supporting balustrades, such as the Enna balustrade, which uses a unique wedging solution that allows the balustrade to be installed without a handrail and to adjust the verticality of the glass, so that all panes of the glass balustrade are always in a straight line. The absence of a handrail, on the other hand, allows to maintain the desired frameless effect.

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