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Air conditioners without an outdoor unit? Today it's possible!

05 of December '23

Air conditioners without an outdoor unit - yes, it's possible today!

A classic air conditioning system consists of an indoor unit that cools the room in which it is located, and an outdoor unit that gives off heat to the outside. Is it possible to omit either of these components and still have a functional air conditioner?

The Monoklima brand specializes in the promotion and distribution of specific air conditioners without an outdoor unit - the available products allow both cooling and reheating of rooms in buildings where it is impossible or difficult to install a standard solution with an outdoor unit. For example, in historic buildings, where the aesthetics of the facade should not be disturbed, or when its installation involves additional costs, such as the rental fee for a lift in the case of tall buildings.

monoklima ZY-M

ZY-M monoclimate


Due to the type of construction, the Monoklima brand - meaning everything inside - offers air conditioners in four different types:

Monoklima - air-to-air monoblocks (compacts), which need direct access to the outside wall. Among other things, the representative of this category is the INNOVA "2.0" indoor monobloc air conditioner, available in the brand's offer, with an excellent design that makes the unit "neutral", only 16 centimeters deep and extremely quiet. It allows cooling and reheating of rooms, and can be installed both high up and at the very floor. The cooling power of these models usually does not exceed 3 kW, and the most powerful 3.5 kW. An important advantage of monoblocks is simple disassembly, requiring no specialized tools - which facilitates service, repair or installation in another place.

monoklima Innowa

monoclimate Innowa


Our offer includes "hybrid" monoblocks, such as:

- with built-in electric heater - more efficient operation in heating mode in winter,
- models with built-in water exchanger, such as for installation in place of a radiator.

The company offers:

Monoclimate - indoor air-to-air splits and multisplits, work like standard air conditioners - they have an indoor unit and a separate compressor unit. The difference is that the unit can be mounted indoors, for example, in a utility room, attic or basement - in a place with access to outside air. It is compact, quiet, efficient and invisible to the outside world.

monoklima IN 2.0 Verticale

monoclimate IN 2.0 Verticale


Another interesting device is the IN.CH indoor chiller with a capacity of up to 10 kW, to which you can connect any fan coil units (fancoils), such as versions for installation in walls, ceilings, floors. This allows you to hide the equipment and preserve the designed interior design.

Monoclimate - monoblocks, splits and multisplits "water" (water-air) are devices that use water to dissipate heat. Thus, they do not need access to outside air and can be placed anywhere water can be supplied. An example of this type of unit is the Monoklima Inn H₂O, a monobloc air conditioner from the previously mentioned INNOVA "2.0" series.

These models regardless of the conditions outside, requiring only a connection to running water and sewerage. Another option is to connect what closed water circuits.

monoklima IN 2.0

monoclimate IN 2.0


For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdA portal.

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