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Aluform sustainable façade systems. Durability and eco-solutions "with the spirit of the times"

01 of March '21

Aluform - 50 years of experience with aluminum. Economical roof and façade systems for sophisticated architecture

Technological advances, the ambitions of architects and the expectations of the modern investor mean that the demand for green building and sustainable facades is steadily growing, and durable, timeless materials are definitely more in demand. Aluform System GmbH & Co. KG recognized this trend early on, developing its production systems and technologies in this aspect. The company combines many years of experience in the European and international markets with the highest quality of solutions offered, but at the same time adapting its projects to economic conditions. Projects ranging from kindergartens or schools to airports build confidence in the entire course of the project.

Centrum Doświadczalne Sylt, Niemcy © ALUFORM

Aluform aluminum facades on the building of the Sylt Experimental Center, Germany


Aluform facade systems - durability and ecology

Aluform is based in Bernsdorf and manufactures roofs and facade systems made of aluminum. Moving with the times, the entire range offered is sustainable and offers cost-effective solutions, combined with great design freedom. Due to the use of aluminum, all Aluform products are durable, while at the same time being 100% recyclable at the end of the product life cycle.

Osiedle Zuidzicht,
Belgia © ALUFORM

Aluform aluminum siding on the buildings of the Zuidzicht estate, Belgium


Aluform - comprehensive cooperation with architects and investors

With in-depth knowledge acquired decades ago, Aluform advises and supports customers from the initial planning of a construction project to execution: production, delivery of components and installation by Aluform's certified system partners. Offered in a variety of colors and shapes are almost unlimited design possibilities. Aluform is not only a manufacturer and supplier, but also an advisor and support for architects. It is also designers, planning a wide range of construction projects, ending with implementation and installation. Aluform supports its distributors with installation and assembly training, and the complete solution offers flexible design and efficient installation with a small number of employees.

Zera, Niemcy ©

Aluform aluminum cladding on the headquarters of Zera, Germany


Aluform FM - modern substructure for ventilated aluminum facades

FM, or "fast assembly"

Aluform recently expanded its product range with a new FM system solution for ventilated aluminum facades. The innovative complete facade system offers a cost-effective and flexible solution that can be installed on all typical mounting surfaces. This makes it particularly attractive to facade designers and architects. The new FM substructure consists of an FM system rail to which an FM system bracket with interlocking can be easily mounted. FM stands for "quick installation," as it is a practical snap-in system for efficient and flawless installation of Aluform siding and cassettes.

Schemat mocowania
konstrukcji paneli elewacyjnych © ALUFORM

Aluform construction mounting diagram for aluminum facade panels


Realize design visions with Aluform FM substructure

The company has a variety of products to fit FM substructures, such as Aluform siding. Various colors, surfaces, sheet thicknesses and overall widths are available, including in rounded form. It is possible to lay facade panels horizontally, as well as vertically. Thanks to the FM system rail grid, the sidings on a single façade can have different structural widths, and the maximum can be increased up to 500 millimeters. In addition, cassettes with a total width of 50 to 1,000 millimeters can be placed on a single facade on the new substructure system. The possibility of such a choice provides great design freedom for contemporary and sophisticated architecture.

Siding 25×200 © Aluform Siding 25×500 © Aluform

Aluform aluminum panels (siding) - matte (rolled) and perforated finish


FM substructure installation and snap-in system

Experts have also created a special service for the new FM substructure. A video guide will help to introduce new installers to the new substructure. An interactive video with 3D effects shows how easy it is to install the FM substructure and snap-in system. Accompanying installation instructions provide detailed technical data. Sustainability doesn't have to be more complicated, and modern construction will hardly change.

Focus on sustainable and economical building projects

With the FM system solution, Aluform is strengthening its position as a supplier of sustainable products such as cost-effective roofing systems and facades made of aluminum. Aluform's aluminum products are durable, recyclable, while offering tremendous design freedom for sustainable architecture.

Teatr Schaffelaar,
Holandia © Aluform

Aluform aluminum facade Schaffelaar theater, Netherlands


The pursuit of continuous sustainable development in all areas of the company is a guarantee that Aluform will continue to offer intelligent and innovative solutions that realize architectural masterpieces.

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