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DPS systems based on tension membranes. Ceilings, walls, light and mirror panels

01 of March '21

DPS systems in private and public interiors
From the series "Inspirations and solutions - ceilings and wall coverings 2021".

DPS Group is a Polish manufacturer of ceilings, walls and lighting based on stretch membranes. During 25 years of operation, we have become one of the most recognized brands in the world, and our ceilings adorn public and private interiors in many countries around the world.

Sufit czarny
błyszczący DPS ze światłowodami

DPS glossy black ceiling with fiber optics

Sufit z nadrukiem
DPS i z wbudowanym oświetleniem  Dekoracja z membrany
napinanej DPS, podświetlana, z nadrukiem

DPS printed ceiling with integrated lighting and DPS stretch membrane decoration, backlit, printed


DPS® stretch ceiling

  • DPS® stretch ceiling is a modern and functional solution, designed for public, commercial and private spaces
  • Our materials allow you to obtain flat, corrugated, broken and 3D surfaces in many structures and colors of your choice
  • DPS Transparent Series membranes allow you to create ceilings and walls of light, with or without printing
  • Our materials are waterproof and moisture-resistant - ideal for rooms with higher humidity levels
  • Solutions from the DPS Fonosorber series give you the possibility to soundproof a room
  • DPSBiopruf membranes guarantee increased sterility
  • Stretchceiling doesn't crack and you don't need to paint it
  • Installation of the stretch ceiling is fast and does not generate dirt in the room
  • Certifications guarantee high product safety

Panele świetlne
DPS z nadrukiem

DPS printed light panels

Panele świetlne DPS
niestandardowe w zabudowie GK Panele świetlne DPS Moon oraz
panele dekoracyjne DPS o średnicy 70-120 cm

Custom printed DPS light panels as well as DPS Moon and DPS decorative light panels with a diameter of 70-120 cm


DPS® lighting solutions

Our offer includes a range of lighting panels. We produce them to individual order, which allows you to choose the size, finish or color of the light. Thanks to the use of stretch membrane, our lighting products are lighter than traditional solutions and can also be produced in very large sizes.

Czarne błyszczącekasetony DPS o lustrzanym odbiciu

DPS black glossy light boxes with mirror reflection

Kasetony sufitowe DPS Lako z nadrukiem i podświetleniem Białe oraz półprzezroczyste
kasetony DPS

DPS Lako printed and illuminated ceiling tiles as well as white and translucent DPS light boxes


Decorative ceiling tiles DPS®

DPS Lako coffers are made of thin foil in many colors and textures to choose from. They are universally sized to fit most suspended systems (60×60 cm). The unique design makes them extremely lightweight (only 650 g/pc) and easy to install. Unlike traditional solutions, DPS Lako coffers are resistant to moisture and dirt, so they stay like new for years.

Panele lustrzane DPS Mirrorw kolorze złotym

DPS Mirror Panels in gold color

Panel lustrzany DPS
Mirror w kolorze srebrnym Wielkoformatowy panel lustrzany DPS Mirror w kolorze srebrnym

DPS Mirror Panels in silver color and large format DPS Mirror Panels in silver color


DPS® Mirror Panels

DPS Mirror panels are made of thin film and have a higher degree of reflection than mirrors made of glass or plexiglass. DPS mirrors are lightweight and safe. They can be successfully used on ceilings of commercial, public and private buildings.

Ściana napinana DPS
z nadrukiem i podświetleniem

DPS stretch wall with print and backlight


Prestigious projects using DPS® systems

  • Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology (Warsaw)
  • ICE Krakow Congress Centre (Krakow)
  • Underground Market Museum (Krakow)
  • ROMA Musical Theatre (Warsaw)
  • Suntago Water World (Mszczonów)
  • Manggha Museum (Krakow)
  • Wembley Stadium (London)
  • Museum d'Orsay (Paris)
  • Harrods department store (London)
  • Hotel Savoy (Funchal, Madeira)
  • National Opera and Ballet (Oslo)

and many others.

For more information, visit the company's Grupa DPS Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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