BUDCUD, operating in Krakow since 2011, is led by Mateusz Adamczyk and Agata Wozniczka. Our projects are the architecture of today. Already the name BUDCUD indicates the fields of interest and our design strategy. It is also a reference to the dynamic times of early capitalism in Poland, when the company's name indicated its field of activity. "Bud-" is thus from building, and "miracle" is the dream of a better reality! The studio's name suggests that our architecture promises a multifaceted journey, informal events and unforeseen activities.

BUDCUD creates diverse spatial environments where references and cultural codes abound. Each project is a new collage of atmospheres and textures; a microcosm on its own terms.

Project scale is not important to us - none is frustratingly too small or overwhelmingly too large. We also work in different time frames. Creating a temporary space is just as important as executing for years.

Over the years, BUDCUD has won awards in architectural and urban planning competitions, given lectures around the world, but has also been involved in conducting design workshops and consulting on spatial strategies.

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