The Centrala design group as a platform for the joint exploration of architects, designers and artists was founded in 2001 by Krzysztof Banaszewski, Malgorzata Kuciewicz, Jan Strumillo and Jakub Szczęsny. In 2010, Simone De Iacobis joined the team.

Centrala is a Warsaw-based architecture and research studio pursuing a program of reinterpretations and interventions seeking to renew the language of architecture. Their way of working is as much about creating narratives based on their own research that change ideas about space, as it is about construction and artistic projects. They are involved in architectural education - they conduct numerous walks, lectures and workshops. The project "Amplification of Nature" by curator Anna Ptak and Centrala was presented in the Polish Pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia 2018. Centrala is currently continuing this theme, creating projects about architecture-in-nature and nature-in-architecture.

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