FUGA Architektura Wnętrz

FUGA Architecture Interiors is an original studio founded by two interior designers - Antonina Sadurska and Katarzyna Burak. The studio is the result of our passion for beautiful and functional interiors, objects, places and people. In our projects we focus primarily on good quality materials, timeless design and functionality of interiors. We believe that simplicity and classics will never go out of fashion, so in the interiors designed by us you can find minimalist elements, design classics and objects with history.In each space we find uniqueness, which we try to emphasize in the design process - in a modern building or in a historic tenement. Our projects are characterized by careful design and execution.

Antonina Sadurska, co-founder of Fugue, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw at the Faculty of Interior Design. During her master's studies, she explored the secrets of design at Milan's prestigious Polytechnic University. She treats each project as if she were the one to live, work or function in the created space. When she's not in the studio she runs around construction sites supervising execution work. She loves physical activity in any form: fitness, crossfit or quiet yoga, and vegan cuisine. Privately, she is a mother of Jagienka.

Katarzyna Burak, co-founder of Fuga, graduated from the Bialystok University of Technology with an engineering and master's degree in interior design. At the same time, she gained experience in the best architectural studios in Warsaw. She loves to create photorealistic visualizations. She spices up each interior with unobvious details that create the character of the designed space. Sport climbing, after interiors, is her second greatest passion, so if she is not in the studio it means that she is climbing in the rocks.

Ewa Burak, interior designer, graduated from the Faculty of Interior Design at Bialystok University of Technology. Since 2015, she has been associated with renowned Warsaw studios, where she led exclusive projects for the most demanding investors. As of January 2019, she joins the Fugi team, where she leads complex projects. She is a lover of classics in a contemporary way. Outside of architecture, she loves fashion, summer and good food. Privately, Kasia's sister.

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