Apartment of a couple of collectors

05 of February '24

The apartment is located in a building in Warsaw's Wola district. The investors are a young couple who wanted the interior to combine timeless elegance with a distinct touch of personalization. Such a design was created for them by a team of architects from the FUGA studio.

Aranżacja jest pełna intrygujących detali

The arrangement is full of intriguing details

Photo by Aleksandra Dermont

Tailor-made space

The 83-square-meter apartment was purchased in developer condition. This made it easier to make some important adjustments that allowed the space to be tailored to the owners' needs.

Kuchnia została otwarta na salon Architektki wprowadziły zmiany w układzie funkcjonalnym

The kitchen was opened to the living room

Photo by Aleksandra Dermont

- In order to adjust the space to the owners' lifestyle, we opened the kitchen to the living room and definitely, almost doubled its area. In addition, we rearranged the hall, separating the utility space with a washer and dryer. Changes were also made to the bathroom layouts, so that the rooms became more comfortable - reports Katarzyna Burak.

Mieszkanie zostało zakupione w stanie deweloperskim Zmiany funkcjonalne sprawiły, że łazienki są bardziej funkcjonalne

The apartment was purchased in developer condition

Photo by Aleksandra Dermont

A pleasant surprise

The architect was positively surprised by the window in the kitchen. At the reception of the apartment it looked typical, it had a window sill at a standard height of 85 cm.

- However, it turned out that it could be removed along with the drywall and reveal the glazing, which starts just above the floor. In consultation with the investors, we decided to light up this part of the apartment — Antonina Sadurska recalls.

W kuchni odkryto duże przeszklenie Kuchnia utrzymana jest w kolorach ziemi

A large glazing was revealed in the kitchen

Photo by Aleksandra Dermont

Unusual solutions

A technical challenge in the design of this interior was the wooden TV wall, which flows seamlessly into a hallway with two pairs of doors. The architects set out to subtly incorporate their wings into the paneling. Also noteworthy is the wine cooler built into the kitchen island on the side of the work passageway, and the projector mounted in the bedroom, so movies can be watched while lying comfortably in bed.

W części dziennej znajduje się drewniana ściana telewizyjna

The living area features a wooden TV wall

Photo by Alexandra Dermont

One of a kind

The interior is filled with simple forms, enriched with carefully selected materials, natural colors and subtle textures. Everything creates an excellent backdrop for impressive collections of potted plants in decorative vessels, contemporary art and as many as 50 Funko pop figurines.

- At Fuga Architektura Wnętrz studio, we place great emphasis on personalizing the interior. Before starting design work, we talk at length with clients about their functional needs and aesthetic preferences. We exchange visual inspirations. Among the key questions is also the one about the budget — emphasizes Katarzyna Burak, co-founder of the studio.

Dzięki nietypowym przedmiotom zbieranym przez właścicieli wnętrze zyskało wyjątkowy charakter Wnętrze wypełnione jest ciekawymi kolekcjami

Thanks to unusual objects collected by the owners, the interior has gained a unique character

Photo by Aleksandra Dermont

The detail matters

- The clients have an eye for small details. One of the key tasks was to compose them into a harmonious whole, which would be pleasing to the eye and comfortable for everyday use — adds Katarzyna Burak.

These included the wooden monkey, a classic design by Kay Bojesen from the first half of the 20th century, the Love in Bloom vase by Seletti or the Orang Utan table from Kare Design — with the eponymous orangutan holding the top.

W aranżacji dominują neutralne kolory

The arrangement is dominated by neutral colors

Photo by Aleksandra Dermont

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