How to design a TV wall?

28 of June '22

The TV still remains the focal point of many living rooms. The large black rectangle is an element that does not easily blend into the space. However, there are some clever ways to decorate a wall with a screen.

Lamele są idealnym sposobem na urozmaicenie ściany z TV

Slats are the perfect way to spruce up a TV wall


The right place

The decision on how we will mount the TV is best made while still at the stage of building or finishing the apartment. This is because it is important that our wall has the right strength parameters. Installing valuable equipment on a thin gypsum wall can end up very badly. It will also allow us to plan an outlet nearby and hide unsightly cables as best as possible.

Depending on whether the living room is a separate room or is connected to the kitchen, we will have a choice of three or four walls. Avoid placing the TV against the window. Watching TV we would then be looking under a blinding light. On the other hand, elements of the interior will be reflected on the screen located opposite the window. It is best to place the receiver on a wall located perpendicular to the windows or between them. If we do not have such an option, the problem will be solved by blinds, roller blind s or dark curtains.

Umieszczenie regałów wokół telewizora pozwoli stworzy nam miejsce na schowanie wszystkich potrzebnych rzeczy

Placing shelves around the TV will create space for us to store all the things we need


Entertainment and relaxation corner

It is also important at what height and distance from the lounge furniture we will place the screen - It is very common that when choosing a TV we do not think about the conditions in which we will use it. Mostly it is recommended that the center of the TV be at least 100 or 110 cm from the floor, but the location is mainly influenced by its size. If you opt for larger models of 55, 60 or 70 inches, you can mount the device slightly higher. The distance at which we will sit is also important - it too depends on the size of the equipment. Frequent TV viewing in an uncomfortable pose can lead to stiff or strained muscles and bothersome pain in the neck, back, shoulders and even the head and a worse mood. Sitting too close to the screen can also easily spoil our eyesight, so we need to adjust the size of the TV to the space we plan to place it in, not the other way around! - explains Ida Mikolajska, architect, co-owner of MIKOŁAJSKAstudio.

Umieszczenie telewizora na tle drewna i w pobliżu kominka ociepli wnętrze

Placing the TV against a background of wood and near the fireplace will warm up the interior

Photo: Chastity Cortijo © UNSPLASH

How to mount the TV set?

We can attach the receiver to the wall or place it on the RTV cabinet. On the market we have a very wide selection of this type of furniture. However, the most important thing is the dimensions. The height of a standing RTV cabinet should be about 50 cm. Then the screen remains at the height of the sitting person's eyesight and allows you to watch TV freely. The optimal width depends on the size of the TV. To use the cabinet comfortably, we should add about 10-20 cm on each side. It is important that the equipment does not extend beyond the boundaries of the furniture. In a situation where the cabinet is used only as a TV stand, its appropriate depth is approx. 30-40 cm. We must also pay attention to the functionality of the furniture, the number of compartments and their arrangement.

However,hanging the TV on the wall does not make us have to give up the cabinets. You can put the furniture under the screen. After all, we can always use additional space for a set-top box, game console or remotes. In addition, this will fill the empty space and add coziness to the interior. Another solution is built-in furniture. It is not only impressive, but above all practical. A large number of shelves will allow us to hide books, records or other trinkets. Such furniture is most often made to order, so we will not waste even an inch of space. A TV surrounded by furniture is an ideal solution for spacious living rooms. They become more cozy and gain better proportions. In this way we can also hide the screen a bit.

An interesting solution can be to hang the TV above the fireplace. This way we can combine watching movies with gazing at the flames. We can choose between a traditional, electric or biofuel-powered device. Remember, however, that according to fire regulations, the furnishings should be a minimum of 80 centimeters from fireplace elements that heat up above 150 degrees Celsius.

Tapeta jest świetnym sposobem na wyróżnienie ściany z TV

Wallpaper is a great way to make a TV wall stand out

photo by Dan Gold © UNSPLASH

A calm background or a distinct accent?

We can approach the wall behind the TV in two ways. The lack of decoration will ensure that nothing distracts our eyes and we can focus on the screen without distractions. However, the wall with the TV can also be a decoration for the living room. After all, it is the most representative room in our houses and apartments. The use of decorative concrete will work well in loft-style interiors. In modern arrangements, designer bricks or elegant decorative stone will look great. A wall lined with wooden panels is the easiest way to make our living room warmer and give it a charming, elegant character. Trendy laths, which have boldly entered the interior design of apartments, are also an interesting choice. They are used not only as partitions, but also as a decorative element. They are a very good material for decorating the TV wall in the living room. We can also use wallpaper with a subtle pattern and delicate color. Delicate stripes or a floral motif will work best.

Elaboration: Katarzyna Szostak

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