Kwadratura is an architecture studio operating in Warsaw, Poland.

"Architecture has been our passion for over 20 years. We gained experience in several Warsaw studios where together we designed and completed many buildings with different functions. Our professional paths first crossed at Stanislaw Soltyk's studio in the late 1990s. Since those days, we have been friends in private and supported each other professionally. In 2015, we decided to join forces to create Kwadratura design studio.

We transfer dreams to paper so that they can become a reality. We treat each project individually and try to make it a response to the needs of the client. We advise our clients on how to conduct the investment process. An important aspect of our work is the economy of the realized objects. We find a balance between utility and aesthetic qualities. Architecture is not only to meet the basic needs of housing or utility, but also to create space and mood, to provide sensory impressions.

We provide professional services for investments by working with experienced trade designers in the field of construction, sanitary, ventilation, electrical installations and cost estimating services. At the stage of implementation, we cooperate with contractors and provide author supervision." - Kwadratura architects write about themselves.

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