Monika Staniec Architekt Wnętrz

Monika Staniec - since childhood, my head was occupied by ideas of beautiful interiors. I created furniture from cardboard boxes, drew, painted, sculpted - all in order to fulfill my dreams of working as an interior designer. I realized them step by step, strictly adhering to the set goals. At the same time I admired the work of my grandfather, who was a stove maker and my authority. The road to the distant goal was one of those bumpy ones, and it took me a great deal of effort to get to where I am now. I chose an art high school to start with, and later made an unsuccessful attempt to get into interior design. This did not discourage me. I found an interior decorating school, at the same time taking up a partnership with a chain of home improvement stores. This was a turning point in my life. Working directly with the customer in the market, as an interior decorator, gave me a lot of experience! In the largest scope, my company served as many as 5 stores of the chain in Lower Silesia. It was a challenge, and at the same time I learned how to manage a team, logistics, marketing. I enjoyed it, however, I wanted to move forward.

After I graduated with a degree in interior design, I parted ways with the chain of DIY stores and started full-time work for individual customers. The results of my work were great. I had a sense of mission, I made sure that I had already chosen the best profession for me as a child.

I felt the flow! I love development and went another direction. I decided to share my work "online". I created a profile on Instagram and shared there my projects, realizations, and also shared behind-the-scenes of my work as an interior designer. At some point, I was contacted by DRE DRZWI and offered to work as an ambassador - I agreed, I wanted to try something new. This is a special moment in my life. A year later I started a similar cooperation with Geberit Poland.

In the meantime, there was ... a lockdown. Like most people, I moved my work to home. That's when the idea for periodic meetings on Instagram "Ze Staniec o Wnętrzach" was born. In this series I invite personalities, manufacturers from the architecture and interiors industry. In parallel, I design with increasing momentum. In 2022 I became a member of the Association of Interior Designers. I am not stopping!

I invite you to my world of interior design!

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