Bathrooms combining beauty with functionality

29 of December '22

Previously, we have already presented the living area of the 25-year-old house designed by Monika Staniec. Today we will look at the bathrooms.



Photo: Stan Zajączkowski Styling: Aleksandra Tefelska © Geberit

A bathroom with a touch of romance

There are two bathrooms in the house. In the larger one, the floral wet wallpaper attracts attention, introducing a touch of romance to the subdued, light beige space. It is fully brought out by the powder pink of the cabinet under the sink, the fronts of the built-in with the washer and dryer and the stucco finish. The feminine element is also emphasized by the place for the homeowner's dressing table on the countertop by the window. This mood, however, is broken by appliances in black and gold and chrome accessories, which the designer boldly combined, thus dispelling the myth, as she says, "that something doesn't go with something." The bathroom is also fully functional, and this is what the owners cared most about. Hence the equipment included a wall-mounted toilet bowl with a free-floating seat. This set was mounted on a concealed rack.



Photo Stan Zajączkowski Styling: Aleksandra Tefelska © Geberit

Elegant toilet

The toilet was decorated separately. This time the architect opted for designer ceramics. Thanks to this, the interior retained an elegant, consistent appearance. All the equipment looks extremely impressive against the background of gray walls. The whole is warmed by the color of wood. The decor of the bathroom, as well as that of the entire house, is therefore stylistically consistent, and the reinvented space invites you to be at home.



Photo by Stan Zajączkowski Styling: Aleksandra Tefelska © Geberit

- This is an interior entirely made "under the owners" - it fits them incredibly well and now they feel that it is finally possible to live in their home. This makes me most happy! I have fulfilled my role as an interior designer," concludes the architect.



Photo Stan Zajączkowski Styling: Aleksandra Tefelska © Geberit

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