New chapter. The metamorphosis of a 25-year-old house.

28 of December '22

Located in a picturesque area, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the house has been a refuge and an oasis of calm for a professionally active married couple for 25 years. When the daughter living with him became independent, the owners, instead of changing the premises, decided to adapt it to new needs and current trends. They invited a friendly interior designer - Monika Staniec - to collaborate on the rearrangement.

Strefa wypoczynkowa

Rest area

Photo Stan Zajączkowski Styling: Aleksandra Tefelska © Geberit

- I walked into an interior that was already 25 years old! It was built by a couple with several years of experience and "done" according to the trends of the time, or rather the lack of them, without the help of an interior designer. With the owners, we knew each other well enough to be able to say straightforwardly: we are tearing down and a lot of it! And so we did," recalls Monika Staniec.


Dining room

Photo Stan Zajączkowski Styling: Aleksandra Tefelska © Geberit

The 115-square-meter first floor area underwent extensive changes. Underfloor heating was laid, the central heating, plumbing and electrical systems were redone. Some of the walls in the open living area were demolished, changing the appearance of the whole. And although most of the rooms remained in place, the whole space took on a completely different character. It is functional and ergonomic, and the interiors are bright and spacious. This effect is enhanced by the choice of colors, materials and structures, which combine modernity with a touch of classic elegance.



Photo: Stan Zajączkowski Styling: Aleksandra Tefelska© Geberit

The heart of the house is the living room, which subtly transitions into the dining room and the kitchen arranged next to it, which is partially hidden from the lounge. Warm beiges and wood dominate here, while stucco adds sophistication. A modern element is introduced by muted grays, present in the color of the lounge furniture, but also in the cladding in the kitchen and floors in the passageways.



Photo by Stan Zajączkowski Styling: Aleksandra Tefelska© Geberit

- The lounge space was key. Previously, a small door led from the hallway to the living area. I suggested to the clients to demolish a large part of the walls. This is how three equally wide entrances were created. This gave a spectacular effect! The interior got bigger, more light came in, and all the rooms became one," explains the architect.

Stolik kawowy

Coffee table

Photo Stan Zajączkowski Styling: Aleksandra Tefelska© Geberit

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