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Aluminum sun blind systems, fixed and movable from Solar-tech

12 of December '23


Solar-Tech Ltd. has been dealing with the subject of sunshades and their practical use in architecture for over 24 years. We offer a unique range of aluminum fixed and movable sun blind systems in horizontal, vertical as well as mounted at any angle. We present blind systems for almost any object.

ST 300 Szkoła Złocień Kraków

ST 300 School Złocień Kraków


Large-size blinds are designed to be installed on large window surfaces to provide protection against excessive heat. They are characterized primarily by large dimensions and strength, allowing the use of blinds for spans of up to more than 5 m. Solar-Tech blinds make it possible to regulate the intensity of light in the room and protect against excessive heat.

ST250 Economy Coevorden Holandia

ST250 Economy Coevorden Netherlands


Solar Tech's louvers are made of extruded aluminum, resulting in highly aesthetic products its durability and a wide range of models and colors.
They are often used in public buildings such as offices, hotels and restaurants, where large window areas are often a challenge in terms of obscuring light and maintaining privacy. They are also increasingly used as a finishing element of a facade, giving it an individual character.
Technical blinds are used as covers for technical equipment requiring air flow.They improve the aesthetics of the building.

ST100Z Statoil Warszawa

ST100Z Statoil Warsaw


Acoustic blind s absorb noise, improving acoustic comfort by 13 dB. They are used both as covers for technical equipment causing excessive noise, as well as in multi-story parking lots where they stop noise escaping outside.
Shutters are a product that provides protection from the sun and privacy of the premises, it is a complement to pergolas in which it provides an optical closure to the walls of the pergola creating additional recreational space on the terrace and in the garden.

ST 50Z Zebra Tower Warszawa

ST 50Z Zebra Tower Warsaw


The main features of technical blinds are:

Light control: the use of blinds on large glazed areas reduces the heating of rooms and thus reduces the cost of using air conditioning in summer. Light breakers improve the comfort of the office premises. By using movable systems, the amount of light entering the interior can be controlled.
Aesthetics: Solar-Tech shutters are available in a variety of colors and designs, which allows them to match any style and façade of the building.

Okiennice Jazowa Kraków

Jazowa Krakow shutters


In summary, Solar-Tech products are an aesthetically pleasing, functional and durable solution. They provide protection from light, noise, and most importantly, they give a unique character to the facade of buildings.
Solar-Tech company, due to its long experience, can help anyone choose the right type of blinds for the building.

ST PR 400_100 Optisofa Andrychów

ST PR 400_100 Optisofa Andrychow


For more information, visit the company's SOLAR-TECH Sp. z o.o. Sp.K page on the PdA portal.

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